Street fishing in Minsk

Reports from Ponds: Street Phishing in Minsk

City fishing is a great way to get out with a spinning rod to the water when there is no way for long trips or you just need to urgently hit a fishing edge. It is clear that in a noisy city you will not be able to fully enjoy nature, you will not be able to retire in any way, but you will get pleasure from your favorite pastime. Constant questions from passersby add their own flavor to the process. And requests to be photographed with fish and undisguised surprise of onlookers that fish can live in urban bodies of water, constantly raise the mood for the fisherman.

Reports from Ponds: Street Phishing in Minsk

The next city walk with a spinning, along the Svisloch River in the city of Minsk, did not work out from the very beginning. With the advent of autumn, the water became very transparent, the level fell slightly. The fish apparently slid to the depths or simply refused to peck. There can be many reasons for this bezklevy day and one can only guess why the fish closed its mouth and completely refuses to respond to various spinning tricks.

That is why, the story of the secret "puddle" in the park, from the fisherman met – a bobber, and his statement about the huge crucian carp and other fish that lives there, was taken seriously. There is nothing to lose and a decision is made to catch a nondescript, at first glance, pond. Surprise knew no bounds when, from the first postings, perches began to respond to the proposed baits. And then the most interesting thing happened all day. Biting large perch. The next fishing problem was solved. The pleasure of short city fishing is received!

Reports from Ponds: Street Phishing in Minsk

Reports from Ponds: Street Phishing in Minsk

During a period of long beaklessness, one should always consider various options for overcoming the current situation. And no matter how stupid and funny they are, you need to try and experiment. You never know where your fishing happiness awaits you, pleasant viewing!


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