Storing maggots in the home and its color

The period of storage of such popular bait for fishing can vary depending on some factors such as:

  • temperature;
  • the ratio of substrate to larvae;
  • the quality of the substrate and its moisture content;
  • timely replacement of the substrate;
  • used storage containers.

How to keep maggots?

Temperatures are in the minus two degrees is the most suitable for the storage of larvae. It should be noted that this temperature is considered to be the best, also for their commercial cultivation. In a domestic environment, that is home — the best option would be storage in the refrigerator, where the temperature is maintained from 0 to +4. In such circumstances, maggot perfectly kept in for 3-4 weeks, although it can be a bit longer, but not more than three months, so as not oculistica larvae too skinny, and their quality is much worse.

Based on the foregoing, it is not necessary to obtain larvae at the shelf life of more than one month. Cheaper to buy maggots that have not reached condition. In this case, select the desired quantity from the container and durasuede to the necessary product size.

One of the best materials, playing the role of the substrate is sawdust small size, formed from deciduous trees, passed through a sieve with a cell of about 2.5 centimeters. It is not recommended to use pine sawdust containing a large amount of resinous substances. The sawdust should have a certain moisture: not wet and not dry. Best of all, if the sawdust is slightly damp to the touch. This can be achieved by slightly moistening them with water. After that sawdust you need to RUB hands to distribute the moisture evenly throughout the mass. 1 volume maggots take 2 of the volume of sawdust. Selected as the substrate use sand, semolina or wheat bran. However, the result will be much worse, especially during long periods of storage.

The storage container can serve as a plastic jar, like a jar of coffee. The height of the container must be less than its width. To provide ventilation in the lid of the pierced holes with the help of sewing. The jar is filled with maggots and substrate for 2/3 or a little more. After filling a jar, you must shake the maggots thoroughly mixed with sawdust. After that, the container with a lid (so you do not look for the maggots on all the shelves) and placed in the refrigerator.

After two weeks, replace the material. On a sieve with a mesh of 4-5 mm pour the contents of the container and shake until all the waste sawdust will not fall down. Then maggots again sprinkled with sawdust and put in the fridge. Late change of substrate can be greatly reduced shelf life. If you are interested in information about growing these larvae, you can find it here.

In order to take this bait for fishing trips, guided by some rules. First of all, is chosen large capacity. The best would be flat jar with good ventilation through the cover. When a large temperature add the chips, which moistened stronger than in simple storage in the refrigerator. During transportation and fishing not expose it to direct rays that lead to pupation or death of maggots.

Colouring maggots at home

In the home maggots can be painted. For this purpose, aniline or food dyes. In a plastic container pour a package of food coloring, fill with water and cover with bran. This yields a semi-liquid paste. It put maggots and put on the light and heat. To avoid loss of maggots who try to leave the container, it is necessary to cover the walls with bran or sawdust. Dyeing time is 4-6 hours.

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