Stop waiting until the ice rises!

I do not belong to those crazy people who like to risk their lives for a couple of small fishes, going on dangerous ice. If there is a chance to fail, then I take a spinning rod and go to catch a predator from the shore.

I remember the case when the guys and I were jigging, but, on the contrary, poor fellows sat on a small piece of ice and tried to catch something with winter fishing rods … Is it really impossible to take an ordinary summer fishing rod, get up at 15-20 meters and throw it there? Who will take them apart. Sick…

I, like any fisherman, know how I want to go where you throw a fishing line into the input, and wait for that bite. These emotions are incomparable with anything! Having felt at least once, a sudden bite and adrenaline from the trophy, you will always remember these impressions.

There is probably no cure for this addiction.

And now wildly I want to go fishing. In the news feed, pike and pike perch lying on the ice slip through …

I already went through my winter box … But it’s a plus on the street, and sometimes it rains.

In such weather, you should not even think about fishing from ice!

But there is a way … we must again disassemble the summer gear.

In our city there is a place where you can successfully go fishing with a spinning rod in any weather. I’ll go there.

I need a spinning rod that can throw a very light silicone bait, and at the same time it will tap the bottom.

In these places it is possible to catch pikes weighing from 500 g. up to 5 kg.

I have a wand that can do these tasks!

Shimano Sephia SS R S803M is one of my favorites! It works fine with thin cords, and feels everything that happens at the bottom due to the Hi-Power X blank and CI4 + reel seat.

This time the reel will be Shimano 16 Nasci 1000 with the Rapinova-X Multi Game cord wound around it.

Such a combination is possible when there is a non-standard task, as this time.

And the task is this, a thin silicone of 6-7 cm, with a load of cheburashka 3-4 gr., It is necessary to throw it at 30-40 meters and, under a successful combination of circumstances, drag a thick toothy to the shore.

It takes 15 minutes to get to the place, this is of course plus Street Fishing.

I'm here. Met old friends, chatted, discussed fishing and plans. It turned out that the pike pecked yesterday! And quite active, but very bad today.

This is not a reason to turn around home. Of course not. Even if I don’t peck, I really want to test the assembled kit on light scales.

I start with the lightest weight of 3 grams. Casting under the opposite shore. The bait falls almost immediately. The fish are not active today, so posting at a slow pace, with short micro-pops, will be more effective. One or half turn coils. To play the bait in front of the predator for as long as possible.

The first posting showed that 3 gr. not enough! I put cheburashka 4 gr. This is another matter!

Firstly, 4 grams knocks better on the hand, and secondly, the wiring is much better!

I have pink rubber in stock. I try it.

It is bright and can be clearly seen in the muddy water.

Silence for now. I tried on wobblers.

Also silent. How to persuade her!

Maybe she wanted something dark. I put brown-violet silicone and go to the bridge. Throwing across the stream. The bait falls beyond the jet. Is falling. Tuk. Cooking hit the hard bottom of the pit.

Two turns, pause. Pause. Tuk.

Bam! I am from surprise all with all my might.

Spinning bent over! Someone on the other end of the line started a desperate resistance. I loosened the friction clutch so that the chances were not taken without a picture, the pike did not have it!

I bring the fish to the shore. This is not a giant, but a good fighter.

I come closer to take the fish by hand.

Yes. Pike on the shore.

The offset hook is firmly fixed in the mouth.

So we met. Happiness overwhelms.

What are you doing with me … It seems that the fish is not big, but pleasure is over the edge.

A memory photo, and into the water, let it grow, perhaps we will see each other again.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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