Statistics from Russian spinning masters. Draw your own conclusions!

Statistics from Russian spinning masters. Draw your own conclusions!

Fishing is an art and an experiment at the same time, abundantly flavored with perseverance.

No one can catch stably on every fishing trip, but those who spend a lot of time on the water collect extensive statistics and become masters.

Spinning masters often talk about their achievements and give interviews. Each of their stories has subtleties of mastery or a general approach to fishing.

With pleasure I would have asked the masters myself, but they already did it on YouTube for me.

I noted the opinions of the masters in their stories and wrote down, and now I'm sharing with you.

Questions that have already been asked:

1) What is your priority bait settings? (size, color, edibility, shape)

2) How to measure fish, in centimeters or kilograms?

3) Does offset affect penetration?

And here is the master of fishing:

Novosadov Valery – the color of the bait affects the bite.

Anton Fisherman – the size of the bait affects the size of the fish, and you need to measure in centimeters.

Whirlwind Denis – the coloring does not particularly affect.

Dubkovsky Maxim – shape, length, color and edibility (for sample fish, such as perch or bass)

Inozemtsev Vladimir – subjective color thing.

Kuzmin Konstantin – Offset does not particularly affect cross-population.

Kudinov Konstantin – color affects.

Madyukin Vasily – weight, shape, size, buoyancy and edibility (if it is a jig).

Pitersov Andrey – does not believe in signs and size, shape, color, edibility. It happens that the coloring is not important … but more often a lot depends on it. Everything is selected according to the situation.

Starkov Andrey – size, shape, color, edibility.

Savin Sergey – size, shape, weight – wiring, everything else, and then edibility.

Fedorov Mikhail – size, shape, color and edibility.

Shabalin Dmitry – “foam rubber of green, blue and black!”, Vibro-tails, size, color, shape, edibility.

Shanin Aleksey – the color does not affect, but the shades are yes, as well as the contrast and highlight in the water.

And no matter what the fishermen say, whatever version they put forward, there is a subtle nuance that is worth considering.

The owner of the company Finval has the opportunity to ride with athletes during their training and analyze the operation of their boats. So he says that all teams think differently, use different baits and the approaches of the athletes to fishing do not converge dramatically.

That is, with such a different approach, they catch, and win at the same time.

Therefore, fishing is a pure experiment!

Amanda K. Benson

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