Staple clip for tent machine

This can be accepted in different ways, someone will reject it and use it as before, as usual, someone will like it, but I will always use this little thing, I will explain my point of view.

Fishing moments can be different, when moving to another hole, you can fold the tent like a book and drag it along with you, pack it in a case on long passages or wrap it with elastic bands to the sleigh, everything is possible, but since I am not a hatcher and sometimes there are many transitions, the distances also do not allow dragging behind, especially when my hands begin to stiffen from stuffing the tent into the case … I got the idea how to make my life easier, I made a bracket in five minutes from an aluminum plate, this is a piece from a corner, made four bends and happiness come. I like functional things from nothing and fast to manufacture, now everything happens instantly, I rolled up the tent, put on a clip and threw it into the sled, you want to squeeze with an elastic band, you just want to control it from loss]]].

My tent is broken and the size of the staple is slightly increased, under a new bend the plate and I will grab Already. At the ends of the staples, light bends outward for easy use as directed. I didn’t peek anywhere, I came up with it at my leisure]].

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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