Stable perch!

Somewhere in 250 km from the glorious native of St. Petersburg, where the phone does not catch. In a remote village, code-named "L", I spent as much as 7 days. Oh, how I dreamed about this trip. Anticipating fishing on the river, with the catch of the chub and ide, long trips to pristine forest lakes for pike. The weather decided to surprise with differences and everything went completely wrong according to the scenario … ..

World Fishing Tackle: Stable perch!

Arrived at the place, armed to the teeth with light and ultralight artillery. Weekend spent with household chores. The warm weather of the weekend was replaced by short-term rains. On weekdays, in the morning he preferred his favorite business – fishing, walking along forest paths for 15-20 km.

The first two days I passed through the forest lakes with a light kit – these fishing trips were unsuccessful, apparently sharp weather changes affected, the toothy went on strike. For 2 days I received only one bite on Pig Shad-a with the loss of the tail of the bait.

World Fishing Tackle: Stable perch!

But the remaining four days came off in full with an ultralight kit.

I took it on this trip exclusively for catching the chub on the rifts. Lobasty also went on strike. But perch steadily pecked.

From one point to the lung, he earned 40-50 bites. A good perch came across 10-20 pieces, but was mostly small. Of the baits, handmade spinners from Kostya Zuykov have proven themselves to be excellent.

Over the white and red times 8 sailed in order to save. Failsafe, like the AKA-47 – no matter what the cast, then a bite.

And other models also gave good results. Lure Max silicone Kraken also performed well.

Vacation flew by unnoticed. But he rested from the phone and the Internet. Walked through the woods. Enough of plenty of perch. In such walks, it was time to think about a lot, rethink a lot, prioritize the new year ….

Fishing kit:

Spinning: Black Hole The One 0.5-5g 190cm

Coil: Daiwa Caldia 11 2500

Cord: Jenzi Fever 0.08mm 4Lb

Lures: handmade baits from Kostya Zuykov, silicone Lure Max Kraken and Stone Fly.


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