Spinning Pike

Spinning PikeAutumn fully came into its own. At this time, the predator in the reservoirs of central Russia begins to actively eat. Some of the fishermen go for zander, and I go for pike! Ah, pike, pike … How many wonderful moments you bring while fishing! Gambling moments of the struggle, bright “candles” that remain in your memory for a long time and give rise to unprecedented fishing tales … Would you like to catch a pike on a spinning rod? Then this article is for you. Today we consider where to look for her, how to catch her, how to catch her. I will share my observations and experiences. Go!

Where does pike go in the fall

In autumn, when the temperature drops, the aquatic vegetation dies and falls to the bottom, there are less and less places in which peaceful fish took refuge and sought food. It begins to stray in flocks and moves to deeper parts of the reservoirs. Following the feed base, pike also leaves. With the withdrawal of water, bays cut off from the main river in shallow areas remain in places. They continue to feast on squint weighing up to 1 kg. But we are interested in real trophies. And where to look for them? Since the main food objects of pike leave the coastal zone, it should now be sought at medium depths, piles and various eyebrows – in those places where she could set up ambushes for hunting. And as winter approaches, the pike will slide even deeper into the channel.


Closer to mid-autumn at the "toothy" zhor begins. She grabs almost everything that moves. This is the need to accumulate fat before a long winter. But, despite this behavior, the predator does not always respond to the proposed bait. This is especially evident in places where the fry are accumulated, where water simply boils from a jumping fish. When fishing in such conditions, the bait postings help out, imitating the condition of a wounded fish that has fought off a pack. If spinning is carried out in the water column and from the shore, heavy oscillating and rotating spinners with petals No. 4-No. 5 and wobblers work well. I advise you to replace the native tees of the lures with larger ones. Their fish is not afraid, and the number of gatherings will decrease significantly. Be careful when using the edge of thread or wool on tees of oscillations, as this “parachute” draws the spinner during posting, knocking down a sweeping game attractive to a predator. When fishing from a boat on large rivers, it is advisable to use jig baits. Given the peculiarities of the autumn zhora pike, do not grind with the size of vibro-tails. During this period, baits with a length of 9 cm or more work well.

"Pike spinning"

In fishing shops, I often heard requests from customers to pick up a stick for pike. The question is not posed correctly, because spinning is selected primarily not for a variety of fish, but for the baits used and fishing conditions in which these baits are used. Some manufacturers of spinning rods mark their products, indicating which fish the stick is designed for. But this is just a marketing ploy. Let's go back to the choice of fishing rod. If you are fishing from the shore, then such fishing involves distant casting – that means, choose a stick with a length of at least 2.7 m. Throw oscillators, spinners and wobblers? Then, in order to send these sailing lures, the medium or medium-fast line of the rod is preferable. The average weight of the used baits for shore fishing in ponds usually ranges from 8 to 20 grams (with the exception of non-standard places – too small, with strong currents or narrow rivers) – therefore, a spinning test of 10-30 grams will be optimal.

The situation is different with jig fishing. To make a high-quality “step” during wiring, the stick must be resilient and rigid – in other words, have an extra fast system (extra fast). Such a system will allow you to feel a bite by hand, and when hooking, pierce the bony mouth of a predatory fish with a hook. Expensive spinning rods with a high content of carbon fiber (material that ensures good sensitivity of the blank) allow you to track the slightest touch on the bait. But when fishing for autumn pike, you can get by with budget options (such as Maximus Work Horse), since the bites during the zhor are so aggressive that it is hard to miss them. As for the test and length, it all depends on the fishing conditions and the weight of the lures. For boat poles, I would recommend sticking with a length of 2.1 to 2.4 m. Rods longer than 2.4 m are used when fishing from boats and boats, where you can comfortably work while standing even on the waves.


When fishing pike on a braided line, leashes of about 20 cm in length are placed in front of the bait. Titanium leads are considered the best and at the same time the most expensive. They have no memory and return to their original position after physical exposure. Given that sometimes you have to fish in places with a lot of hooks, you will not save enough money. Someone uses inexpensive Chinese iron leashes, but their quality is worthless. And the carbines with which they are equipped often fail. I use home-made monoleskie leashes with a thickness of 0.5-0.55 mm. This lead is enough for a couple of bites, but in view of the availability of material, this is not a problem.

Pike teeth are thought to easily bite the line. To reduce this probability, it is not necessary to “pick out” a pike from the water with a tightly tightened friction clutch. It should work, extinguishing the unpredictable jerks of the autumn predator. A reliable landing net of large diameter will facilitate the game. Caught a fish – changed the leash. Even if visually it seems intact, it is better to put a new one. A hundred-meter reel of fishing line will last you for many years. Here is information on pike fishing in the autumn. Of course, her behavior and taste preferences vary depending on the habitat, weather, food base and other factors. But fishing consists in taking all this into account, picking up the most delicious bait, throwing it in the most successful place and catching the biggest fish.

author Timur CHEMBARISOV

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