Soviet "Bugs" are back! The story of one photo.

Feedback works and prompts ideas. I got such a photo with Soviet baubles “Summer”, rummaged on the Internet, found several more publications, watched the video. The spinners weighed 3 grams. Unfortunately, I could not see them in Soviet stores. Yes, and a 3-gram spinner in those days there was nothing to throw. There were no decent spinning rods or reels. And I got hooked ……

They come back … I thought and did !!!

In our world, everything has changed – other sticks, other reels, a thin cord instead of fishing line – I decided to move them into our realities. I took the photo and my capabilities, a little imagination as a basis, and then the Soviet, but renewed, past appeared.

Weights are no longer Soviet – 0.7 g. sizes with a natural ladybug, equipped with a single beardless hook, winding rings. Unlike the Soviet ones, he made a colored substrate for the bugs. Equipped with modern eyes and that's what happened. I did it in one breath, completed the work very late, so I apologize for the quality of the products. Powder paints with UF (none are the same), accessories checked, partial marking with markers, 3D eyes, spinners, drilling, manual polishing.

I just did not find one on the network. HAVE YOU CUTED ANYTHING ON THEM? .. I don’t know, but I really hope that trout, chub, grayling and perch may be tempted by these lures. After all, everything new is well forgotten old !!! COMPARE WITH ORIGINAL ON PHOTO !!!

Here's the story. Do not forget your past !!!


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Amanda K. Benson

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