Smelt – the battle of two lures!

Smelt - the battle of two lures!The fact that smelt is caught on spinners has been known for a long time, and they do it both in active and in passive mode. By chance, a “battle” of two spinners unfolded, and these are the conclusions and observations we made with a colleague. If someone wanted to catch smelt, then you can take your soul off in the season of 2018 without any problems. Smelt in the Marquise pool has accumulated abundantly, and echo sounders, as well as reports on the forums clearly demonstrate this fact. Severe frosts distracted us from searching for pike perch, and it was decided to catch smelt, but I was not interested in catching it with ordinary fishing rods, since an incredible amount of this fish passed through my hands, but interest in catching it on a spinner did not fade.

Color and shape

Initially, they put the Finnish spinner Nils Master Dueler, which, according to many anglers, is one of the best spinners for fishing smelt. Bites were coming at her, but somehow without fanaticism. But then a colleague suddenly started a series of bites on Shprot from EcoPro (60 mm, 7.5 g, FRG). This color is not only attractive for its tones and midtones in ultraviolet, it also glows in the dark, having a phosphor in it. Rummaging in my box, I found the unprotected new Detonator from EcoPro (65 mm, 7 g, FRG). The only thing I did was change the tee for a light-accumulating mormyshka with replanting a red silicone bead. The fishing depth was 8 m – and 7.5 grams was enough for the bait to reach the bottom quickly enough. The fashionable crucian carp served as replanting. Before the “battle" of the spinners, there were only a few minutes, and I recounted my current catch: it was exactly twice as inferior to the prey of my colleague. Well, now in the battle!

What to catch

An unusual reel of foreign origin with a gear ratio of 3.7: 1 was purchased for catching zander, with its help we select the fishing line in the classical way, which, in my opinion, is much faster and simply more interesting. This reel is not a cartoon or a meat grinder, you can rather describe it like this: they attached a gear mechanism to a fly reel of about IV class and made a high leg. "Americans" have long been practicing this method of removing fish in the winter, we have it for the first time, but the number of fans of this method is growing by leaps and bounds. Fishing line or cord? It all depends on the frost, but if there is a spacer made of fluorocarbon, the alignment will be “fifti – fifti”. It was this reel that was to compete for the championship, breaking stereotypes and approaches in catching cucumber fish. It should be noted that catching smelt in this way is also remarkable because there is no need to groan and groan the next day from muscles clogged with lactic acid (krepature) and, looking ahead, I note: all this with the same catches with colleagues who prefer jump and wave hands.

Detonator and shprot

The start was conditional. Fish bites completely turned all attention to the fishing process. It was noted that the fish only bite on fresh meat, and it was enough for exactly five fish, then there was a replacement. Everything is in order with mathematics – and I quickly worked out the algorithm with replacing pieces of crucian carp. A colleague caught using a conventional inertialess reel, and it gave up and fell apart, later he pulled out fish, sorting the fishing line with his hands and losing time to unravel it. Now smelt is finicky and capricious, requires the use of increasingly thin monophile diameters. The Detonator spinner shape and the “toad” color clearly appealed to the Boldness. My colleague and I, without saying a word, noted that Detonator was taking fish from Shprot, but this year the latter was noted in the front row for perch and pike perch. The game of these lures is very different: Shprot can be made to both nail and go to the horizon. But the spinner returns to the center of the hole along the same path along which it deviated, and by its nature it is fast.

When tossing, the Detonator deviates strongly from the center of the hole, planning, goes to the side and due to the fin-keel with a clearly repeated game returns to its original position. My catch was growing, and as a result I caught up with a colleague who, besides catching a spoon, also had classic smelt fishing rods put up in battle order. And here is another interesting observation: two baubles, which we had almost continuously in motion, silenced the "classics." But this is a serious application! The colleague was clearly surprised, but he didn’t have a desire to quit the bait and start changing the bait, as adrenaline stood out thanks to the brisk attacks of the cucumber fish. Blows to the hand were not inferior to a perch. It was also interesting to look at the “dance” of smelt near the spinner, thanks to the echo sounder. On a black and white screen, it was clearly visible that before pecking, the fish was clearly preparing for maneuver, changing the horizon, and the attack was always carried out from a low position.

That day won the Detonator, even with a small but convincing margin. But most importantly, conclusions were drawn. The lure fish is interested, the color “toad” fell to her “liking”. It is convenient to take fish out of the water with the help of a reel in the winter season, as fast fishing of the fish is provided, and maybe for someone it will be the main advantage that this method makes this process invisible to other anglers. Impacts in the hand are palpable, and they make fishing emotional and fun, accompanying it with interesting comments.

author Sergey Kharchenko

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