Sknyatino. Catching in bad weather or foam rubber rescued

Despite the fact that it’s already August, I opened the boat season not long ago. But in Sknyatino, I have not had time to visit and have not caught more than one pikeperch this season.

The weather is sad. Weather forecasters transmit rains, a strong gusty wind. But the desire is not only to fish, but also to relax.

On Friday I book a house, a boat and on Saturday at 9:00 we are at the base. They ate slowly, rested, and decided to take a ride and get out to the islands for mushrooms.

There are a lot of mushrooms! Although I’m not a mushroom picker, I scored a package very quickly. We came across a raspberry and ate raspberries. Wild she is still tastier.

Reports from water: Sknyatino. Catching in bad weather or foam rubber rescued

Next, go to the base. Gathering gear, preparing for the evening … fishing time was about 2 hours before dark. They did not begin to check something further and look for a new one. We ran over the "pop" points and the fish was strange as it was. By the way, the linen is already in the pack! At one point we find a flock of leucorrhoea. We get up under the linen. Depth 9-12 m., Throw aground. Stranded relatively – about 6 m. I did not even doubt that there would be a bersh. But I did not know that from one production we would catch 8 each.

Reports from water: Sknyatino. Catching in bad weather or foam rubber rescued

Let's move on. We get up at 8 m. Again we catch and again bersh. Bersh is all standard – 31 cm. And here I get a normal blow, but not the usual resistance. It was a pike perch of the order of 1.5 kg. The fight gave a good one and for a long time did not want to go into the boat.

Reports from water: Sknyatino. Catching in bad weather or foam rubber rescued

At this time, we ended and we went to the base.

In the evening, we still had no idea that we would have the first and last exit to the water on this trip. On Sunday, a strong north wind blew with gusts. The maximum that we did was sleep, pack up and go home.

Check out generally satisfied. Both leisure and fishing. Many complain that there is no fish, there is one, but you have to look for it, pick up the key and look for the exit time. As practice shows, the last criterion is the most important!


Spinning Team Dubna 762 to 25 gr. Although there was a wind, I caught 10 g. Wiring could easily be controlled. Yes, and not one "discharge" of fish was not.

The bait.

Only foam rubber! Rubber was silent.

The situation on the water. Networks.

Where does Rybnadzor look? Networks to hell! Even sometimes it’s not possible to get through because of networks. And the people are no longer embarrassed to put them. Can we get down to work? Spend a raid, but better not one. The maximum, where the network has not yet been set, is on the move.


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