Finally, the long-awaited weekend. The plans were to get out to the reservoir with a boat and practice a little on the pike. So to speak, some training before the future. But in the morning it became clear that the wind would not let us swim, for we would be flooded across the side by a wave.

I take two sets with me. The first Fish Season Sunday-S 762UL-S-19 with a Black Side Hammer 2000FD coil with a YGK G-Soul Up-Gride X4 0.2 cord, the second Maximus STREETRACER 19L with a Black Side Magnum 2500FD coil and a YGK G-Soul Up-Gride X8 0.8 cord .

The goal is to determine the circulation of the bait, which will be more like strip-like weaks, twisters, vibro-tails, imitations of aquatic inhabitants … The weight at which the fish will respond better, pick up the wiring.

As it turned out, that imitation of insects and all possible caricatures did not particularly attract the local Voronezh watermelons. But having put a copy of Sexy Impact 2 "from Vyacheslav, the perch woke up immediately. A small tungsten weight and a thin cord made it possible to decently send the bait. Also, a thin cord easily cut almost a meter wave and the control of the bait was very chic. Striped robbers attacked the bait eagerly. Fix bites it was not difficult.

Gradually sorting through the arsenal of lures revealed a certain tandem. But about this tandem with baits I will separately announce. only not earlier than Sunday. Some lures simply brought fish from each cast. It was enough to deepen the braid immediately after casting, wait for the bottom to touch, as the bite followed with a clear blow. If there was no bite from the ejection, then on a pause there was a clear bite in the hand and another sailor ashore. If someone thinks that the bites were exclusively from the ejection, I will immediately disappoint you, the bites were both underfoot, and in the fall, and in pauses throughout the length of the cast. There was no particular place for perspective. Transitions from point to point also brought fish, somewhere its concentration is greater, somewhere less. One of the lures was more surprising than ever. I decided to put LureMax Picolino 1.5 in the color of Teriyaki Oil. The chip of this bait is to cut off a small perch. Of course, there were fewer bites, but not by much. But … Bites were meaner, and if followed by a bite, then the watermelon would sit an order of magnitude larger. Though a little less often, but larger individuals are much nicer to raise …

The result of fishing is about 60 perches and three small zander. All fish caught were drowned in place. When the wind calmed down a little, I threw less weight, when it got stronger, I took a heavier set.

The main lures:

LureMax Picolino 1.5 "in Teriyaki Oil, LureMax Slim Shad 2" in Motor Oil and Crazy Watermelon, LureMax Esmeralda 2.5 "in Lime Pepper and Teriyaki Oil.


Danielle K. Benson

Author: Danielle K. Benson

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