Silicone bait HAPUGA – "Mix Catch"

I received the Grab silicone bait for the test as part of the Fishingsib report. I chose the Mix Catch model of 72-90mm of different colors, as I like to catch baits for this form.

And in particular, on Tioga from Lucky John, these are my main baits for zander, and since I realized that for this model was taken for the basis of Tioga, it will be fair to compare these two baits. After receiving the "Grabber", she underwent a comparative analysis with "Tioga". "Grabber" is quite hard rubber, when you take it in your hands you feel it.

The quality of the casting, apart from the front part (it seems that the ax was separated from the casting mold) is quite worthy. Smell Very strong, I took all the baits with the taste of shrimp, I did not taste it, but it really smells like shrimp.

And so, the appearance of the “Gap” from Tioga does not differ at all, except for a not very significant difference in the body of the bait, in Gapuga it is slightly smaller.

After receiving the “Grabber” baits for the test, the next day I went to test them on the river, because in my opinion a very promising and interesting place with an abundance of all kinds of predatory fish, but the priority was of course pike perch. The first test trip was on July 27th. There was already a lot of information in the news from the reservoir that the fish seemed to move after the water had dropped. As for me, it was confirmed. Were at all their familiar points, which were never left without fish, they pecked stably mostly trifles up to a kilogram, but sometimes they slipped and not bad specimens. I went with emphasis to catch perch and on one point a pike, in a hole. Tested Hapugu size 90-100 cm in different colors. Let us return to the package and the number of baits, the solution is interesting to put 2 pieces of each size, but in practice I think that it is not quite correct, because in our area they usually catch one thing, either perch or perch. Personally, it turned out that basically the average bait of 3.4 inches worked, and where quite a lot of hooks were caught and 2 pieces of the same color ended very quickly. And I consider such a decision a big minus, because two baits in a pack are very few.

The favorite was "Grabber" in green.

Stable bites were only on this bait, the rest of the bright rubber pecked worse. Dark colors were generally silent.

The grabber, unlike Tioga, showed itself better in terms of survivability, I think that because of the hard texture of rubber. But it had to be corrected almost every time on a hook after each posting.

Would I buy this model in the store? Probably not, due to the fact that 2 baits are in the right amount for me for + – the same money as 6 pieces, but if I made 5-6 packs in each size, then I would have thought about it.

Well, as a whole, if to sum up, the rubber is not bad in its price range. If you go somewhere for fishing and you do not know what you are going to catch, and you don’t have a special need to spend on a bunch of packs of rubber, then you definitely need to buy this rubber!

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