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Meals of pike are loved by many people. The correct organization of process of cooking fish will give the table a really tasty dish. Pike almost no fat. Fish is rich in protein, microelements. How to clean a pike, we will consider in this article.

The preparatory phase

Before you start, you need to carry out a number of preparatory procedures:

  • First, prepare working place, tools.
  • The important point is the use of gloves. Hands must be protected from wounds.
  • Pike has lots of dense scales. Bone plate during cleaning can scatter. Must away to clean the dishes and cover with a cloth.
  • You will need a large bowl filled with cold water.
  • In work better to use a cutting Board made of plastic or glass. Wooden Board is impregnated with the smell of fish.
  • Under the Board, place a cloth or towel. This will avoid slipping of the Board on the table surface.
  • It is preferable to use a device like a grater with a container. Or fit a knife with a large blade. They cut the fish. For the purification of the scales will need a smaller knife.
  • Rinse the pike water, treat her tail with coarse salt. Fish will become less slippery.
  • Do not try to stick your hand in the open mouth of a pike. A lot of sharp teeth could easily hurt her.
  • Be careful with gills. Bodies of water breathing have large thorns.
  • Clean fresh pike easier than lying for a long time. Cleaning frozen fish go, waiting for the thawing of the scales of the skin.
  • The presence of river smell deters willing to eat. To solve the problem, it is helpful to use lemon juice.
  • Tips to clean pike

    The cleaning process requires care and accuracy:

  • The product must be thoroughly rinsed with water to remove dirt, slime.
  • Clean the pike from the scales it is recommended that using water. Then the kitchen will not spread garbage.
  • Hold the fish by the tail. Movements of the knife should be to the side of the head. The knife blade is at an acute angle. Then the scales will not scatter around, but will smoothly lie on the plane of the blade.
  • After removal of the scales on the fish should be rinsed with clean water to ensure the complete absence of scales.
  • By placing a pike on a cutting Board, remove the fins using kitchen scissors. This operation can be done with a knife.
  • Dense cartilage located between the head and the belly should be cut. This will allow you to open the belly, remove guts, remove the gills.
  • Separately clean air bubble and blood clots.
  • It is important again wash the fish.
  • Of the internal parts of pike is eaten eggs and liver. Make sure there is no damage to the gallbladder. It should be removed. Caviar – a nice delicacy, is actively used in cooking.
  • The procedure for cleaning pike without problems requires the observance of certain rules. The product contains a lot of bones, has a strong odor of Tina. Properly cooked fish will decorate the table, will enjoy the aroma of family members, improve health. Meat is recommended by doctors to strengthen the body’s resistance to various infections, occupies a special place in recipes.

    How to clean a pike from the scales. Video

    How to clean a pike from the scales quickly in the video below:

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