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When fishing trips, and just when storing gear at home, the question arises of their safety from damage. As a rule, these are ridiculous or banal situations when not handled carefully, after which, in our case, we will talk about spinning rods, they break down, and it is better if this happened at home, and not on the way to fishing. It’s better to exclude it and put your rods in a tube, for example, from the Pathfinder company, which will be discussed today.

Reviews: Safe Place.

A year earlier, the rod was placed on a rear seat of the car, and there it also vertically transported the motor, which every now and then strove to pin down the "stick". Now we often leave with a trailer, a motor with a boat and other things there, and although the probability of damage has decreased, it remains.

Every year in the collection of rods with a great price tag, I don’t feel like breaking it, and therefore now it’s just a tube. With "sticks" inside it can be thrown into the trailer, in the car interior, even if it just falls from the wardrobe, with the rods and nothing will happen.

Reviews: Safe Place.

Inside the tube there is soft foam with the name of the company, which absorbs all blows.

Reviews: Safe Place.

Convenient fasteners with a reliable zipper on the neck of the tube exclude spontaneous opening and departure of the rod.

Reviews: Safe Place.

Reviews: Safe Place.

In the middle of the tube there is a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for horizontal and vertical wear, although to be honest, I personally rarely use them.

I also appreciated not soiled and the quality of durability of the selected material in the manufacture of the tube.

Reviews: Safe Place.

In a tube with a diameter of 110 millimeters and a length of 140, it accommodates from 4-6 rods, of course it is convenient for wintering or for multi-day trips, where feeders can also be put to spinning rods. On a weekend fishing trip, for the most part I take no more than two spinning rods and I think that is quite enough.

Reviews: Safe Place.

If you want to protect your rods, choose high-quality products from companies that have proven themselves over the years, to all the NFC, with Respect Sergey Egoist.


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