Russian Championship on spinning from boats.

Team Moscow Region 2.

Hi friends, I’ll try to tell you how these competitions went for our crew. Such a composition went to the Championship, Alexander Kudryashov and Andrey Glebov, Dmitry Gavrilov and Vladimir Sakharov. They started preparing a month before departure, and began to slowly read about the place of fishing, what weights are used, what baits. Weights reached up to 80 grams, as it turned out, later caught and large weights. I was not ready for such weights, and there weren’t such gear either, my friend Ilya Kurnavkin helped me, for which many thanks to him. So, the bait collected, cargo found, things are prepared. We planned to leave on Saturday, at around 5 p.m., Vova calls in for me and we advance, and the second crew leaves later.

We spent 17 hours on the road, in front of Volgograd we had to take a nap for a couple of hours and drive on while we were sleeping, and the second crew caught up with us. We bought food and moved towards the base of the Flying Fish. To the base 19 km of primer, i.e. clay, we were lucky, and we drove to the rain, spending 1 hour on this site.

Having assembled the camp, setting up tents, had supper and went to bed. The night was terrible, a strong wind came up with rain, which broke our tent and blew away the tent. In the morning the wind died down a little, but in order to go out to the water and conduct the first training, there was no thought, waves were walking on the Volga itself. On Monday, they didn’t go on the water, but they didn’t catch a big fluff from the shore and got a pike. But they dismantled the bait, cargo, put everything in boxes, put everything in a boat.

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On Tuesday morning, we slip the boat and go to the first training session. They started reconnaissance from the tops, almost did not catch the first half of the day, just walked and looked at the water area, searched for small things so that they wouldn’t stumble on them during the tour when traveling. The places are beautiful, almost all the banks are littered with trees, there is also a forest under the water, where the predators hid, which we needed. They began to try to catch it only in the late afternoon, but there were only cliffs and hooks, they watched how the locals do it, but such fishing seemed to me wrong. We talked with our second crew, so they told us how they catch. On Wednesday, they began to study the top in more detail, there were fewer cliffs, the first bites, the first pikes appeared. The main fishing is offset and foam, I have a load of 34 g and up to 50 g, for a partner up to 80 g. We tried to catch asp on the seagulls, but on this day we never caught him. For the whole day they found several interesting places where there was either a catch of fish or good bites. We spent Thursday in the lower part of the water area, in the morning we went to check the shore farthest from the base, went through the entire water area to its end and crossed to the near shore, where our main points were found with a pike that lived in thickets of trees, at a depth of 5-7 meters. Then they spent time fishing for asp, there were places with its exit, but they did not pick up the bait for it, there was only one capture. In the evening at the camp, having discussed all the developments for these days, we decided that our crew would devote the last training to searching for a perch.

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On Friday, they went to check the only area untouched by us, we walked at a slow speed, the chalk is not deeper than 2 meters in front of the channel, checking it we move further, the channel goes to a wide strait, we check it. On a plot of about 300 meters in length, just one bite and that's it. We move lower and find a couple of snags, under which our striped robber lives, there were no problems with catching him, we can catch him. Yes, and its size was offset from 25 cm. In the evening, the opening of the competition and the draw of teams took place, our crew starts 25 of 26 boats. The competition was held in a new format, where the size of the fish was measured along its entire length, plus a judge sat in each boat, who checked everything and made notes on the chip card. In the evening, we developed a fishing plan, first perch, then pike and zander, and all the remaining time we catch a asp. (Continuation of the report tomorrow)

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