Rules of conduct for fishing on the first ice

Many anglers believe that first ice fishing is most successful. That is why many seek to get out to the pond after the first frost. However, fishing was held successfully as possible and without any accidents, you should follow some rules concerning behavior on the ice.

The content of the article:

  • What to take ice fishing?
  • Rules of conduct and movement on the ice
  • The most important of them is to reduce the level of risk. Should not catch fish if there is no confidence in the strength of the surface, because if the ice breaks and the person falls water, even a short stay it may have a negative impact on his health and his life in General. Moreover, pneumonia is by far not the worst variant of development of events. To assess the reliability of ice, should pay attention to its thickness, it should not be less than eight inches (and this in the most delicate areas, such as in the current).

    What to take ice fishing?

    Going on a fishing trip, for example, you go fishing for bream on the yoke, it is necessary to pre-purchase ice pick and the so-called “buffet”.

    The first device is a miniature crowbar, equipped with a handle made of wood. With it easy enough porubitsya hole, whose shape and size are controlled by the fisherman. It is also used in order to retrieve from under the ice fish if it was too big. The second tool looks similar to an awl, which is used to repair shoes. It apply, if a person fell through the ice. In the General case, the object is a pair of tapered pins with wooden handles and connected with bichebi. Sticking in the surface of things “sewed”, there is an opportunity to get out of the hole in the ice. Such devices can be made independently, it is enough to take two wooden cylinder and drive each of them on the nail. You may additionally purchase a knife with a sharp blade, the extra ice-fishing it will not be exact.

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    You also need to bring a rope, whose length is at least ten meters, which can be useful for rescue events. Useful for these purposes, and lasting a long stick. If the ice still broke, then it is placed across the hole, whereby people can stay on the surface, even if the place is characterized by rapid flow.