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Universal swimbaits. Differences and methods of animation

Universal swimbaits. Differences and methods of animation.

Mar 11, 2021It's wonderful

Sakura Notobug 30F is a highly effective weapon for catching chub!

Do you want to catch better on Notobug?If your answer is positive, then based on my experience, I will explain what you need to do with it in completely different conditions, so that its use is maximally justified!Yes! There is…

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Intech First Braid X8 cord review

Do you need an eight-core cord that meets all the standards of a modern angler and at the same time will not be affordable !? So you need First Braid X8 from Intech.Before we get down to the review itself,…

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Review of winter line Intech Ice Khaki

The variety of woods from various fishing companies, both winter and summer, is difficult to even calculate. The amateur angler has to rely on the experts of the fishing shop sellers. The seller is not always a practicing fisherman, often…

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Sprat or lure top 3 in my box.

It's not a secret at all that when fishing for perch, spinners, I devote a lot of time, and as a result, material and understanding is collected on their catchability. So, each bait over time either fixes its place in…

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Sending from America. Rare wobblers Lucky Craft

Hello everyone.I have a tradition of buying Lucky Craft on Ibea once a year.I unpack the package with wobblers from America. New and rare Lucky Craft lures - rattlins, minnows, cranks.[embed][/embed] ...

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Perch lightening with Ecopro Shprot-s.

Fishing for perch, especially in the winter season, always brings a lot of excitement and pleasure. This is especially true during the formation of the so-called first ice. It is at this moment that this type of fish is the…

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New 2020! Calypso UVS 03 Plus underwater camera review

In this video I am talking about the new Calypso UVS 03 Plus underwater camera. I share my impressions and show the work of the camera on real winter fishing[embed][/embed] ...

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BEST and Worst braided cords for the 2020 season. NEW YEAR’S COMPETITION. Review of YGK and Intech cords

Not the most ordinary and simple year 2020 is nearing its end and, traditionally, it is time to take stock and share with you. This time I will tell you about the best and worst cords that I have caught…