Jan 25, 2019Informational

How to catch perch on the devil in winter fishing video

Perch bite throughout the winter, and because it is the most popular fish to catch from the ice , there are so many options of baits to hunt for him. Standard jigs, spinners and balance weights far enough away not…

Dec 30, 2018Informational

Delicious fish soup from carp. Cook at home

Ear is one of the most ancient dishes of national Russian cuisine. Properly cooked dish, with a remarkable taste and pleasant aroma. In addition, this soup is very easy and low calorie. Cook soup from different fish. Very tasty dish…

Dec 13, 2018Informational

Tech perch fry in the winter

Perch from year to year consistently pleases fans of fishing from the ice in your cool winter. It is extremely widespread and well caught throughout the winter, with the exception of periods of gluhozime. This is the most popular facility…

Dec 08, 2018Informational

Cooking canned carp in a pressure cooker, autoclave, oven, and slow cooker in the winter

Fried carp eaten by many, but homemade canned this fish managed to try not every. But this delicacy much tastier than store-bought blanks, as it is prepared with the addition of your favorite spices to taste and contains no dyes…

Dec 02, 2018Informational

Best recipes meatballs from carp: how to cook a delicious meal? Useful tips

Many of the ponds are inhabited by the usual river fish – carp, and that means that avid fishermen often bring the hosts of the catch from which they can prepare varied meals. Consider the article how to make a…

Nov 19, 2018Informational

How to catch bream on a winter’s night

The most "delicious" schools of bream come out at night (more…)

Nov 17, 2018Informational

What to look for when choosing sinkers for carp fishing

The ground rod suitable for carp fishing very well. With such tackle you can easily make long casts, catching in stagnant water, and on the course. This is the best option for hunting for the trophy fish, which you well…

Oct 31, 2018Informational

Techniques for catching Chub in winter, the necessary equipment

The main feature of fishing for Chub in winter is a constant search space. It is rare that this fish begins to bite at once. Often have to test a lot of holes. Along with the Chub can be caught…

Oct 23, 2018Informational

How to catch perch at first ice

Pergolide is the perfect time for catching fish very different. And perch here – the main trophy. This lively good fish can be caught year round, helping out even in gluhozime. And on the first ice perch are very active…

Oct 21, 2018Informational

What bait to catch trout and where to find it?

Very diverse underwater world of Russia, but every avid fisherman knows that in the Ural and Siberian waters are filled with king-fish, whose name is trout. As relatives, this fish is a predator. She has a narrow elongated body (more…)