Rods “Volzhanka” for float fishing

The company Technological Center “PPM”, a developer and manufacturer of fishing tackle under the Volzhanka trademark, is currently one of the most stable and dynamically developing companies on the Russian fishing market. The development is manifested both in a fairly high independence in relation to the general economic situation, called the “world crisis”, and in the growth of recognition from domestic fishermen. The main component of the success of the company “PPM” is a very carefully selected range of tackles, especially rods, capable of meeting the requirements of fishing in almost any conditions. At the same time, all Volzhanka rods have an important advantage – a very good indicator of the ratio of price and quality. Moreover, in many cases it can be confidently asserted that the price of Volzhanka rods is significantly lower than that of a model of comparable quality from world famous manufacturers of fishing products.

The largest number of our anglers traditionally fish with fly float rods. This is explained by the fact that the rigging of the fly rod is very simple, the fishing technique is also relatively simple and within the power of any novice angler. Depending on the length and power of the fly rod, it can fish almost any type and size, from bleak and gudgeon to carp and pike. For experienced anglers, the fly rod allows you to fish at the highest possible speed, which is not possible with other types of tackle.

In order for fishing to be comfortable and effective, it is necessary to choose a rod that best suits specific conditions. For example, for small fish such as bleak, minnow and live bait of all kinds, the rod should be very light and relatively short. However, modern lightweight rods are perfect not only for high-speed fishing for small fish: they can handle any fish weighing up to two or three kilograms!

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So, fly telescopes “Volzhanka Sport” 4 and 5 m long, made of the most modern materials, are designed for playing fish weighing up to 3 kg, while the weight of the “five” “Volzhanka Sport” is 178 g, and the “four” is only 122 g! When the fish is kept away from the shore, you can reach it by taking a rod 6, 7, 8 or even 9 m long. According to the developers and testers of the Volzhanka Sport series, these rods fully meet the requirements of the vast majority of our floaters and are suitable for fishing both on lakes and reservoirs, so on rivers and canals.

If the cost of the “Volzhanka Sport” rod seems high, you can advise to pay attention to the less expensive series “Volzhanka Modern”, which includes models from 4 to 7 m long. The “Modern” rods are somewhat heavier than the “Sport”, but they also have a fast action. allowing you to perform instant jogging. The maximum versatility of the Volzhanka Modern rods is ensured by the possibility of using rigs in a wide range of weights, from 0.2 to 25-30 g.

Volzhanka Sport is a prototype of the Volzhanka 3000 economy class series, in which IM8 carbon fiber is replaced by a hybrid composite based on IM7 fiber. This replacement allowed not only to significantly reduce the cost of rods, but also to increase their power. The Volzhanka 3000 rods are perfect for fishing both grayling and large bream or carp. The series includes rods up to 8 m long, which in most cases is quite enough for coastal fishing.

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In the series of swings “Volzhanka Rapira” with a length of 4 to 8 m, the designers of “PPM” used graphite IM6 fiber with the addition of high-modulus fiberglass, and also used tangential cross-winding in the butt bends. As a result, we managed to create a very reliable, powerful and completely inexpensive rod. Thanks to this combination of qualities, the Volzhanka Rapira rods are ideal for beginner anglers. The same can be said about the Volzhanka Plus series of rods.

Nowadays, many fishermen are fond of catching trophy bream, carp, crucian carp and other fish, therefore, several series of high-powered fly telescopes have been developed and produced for them. Among them there are “Volzhanka Atlant” rods with lengths of 5, 6 and 7 m with a rig test from 1.5 to 50 g. The upper limit of the test is increased due to the use of IM7 carbon fiber and a special binder. The increase in the total weight of the rod is compensated by a change in its balance due to the butt knees. The Volzhanka Fortuna series with dough up to 40 g is also specially designed for catching large fish, mainly in the coastal zone, therefore the maximum length is limited to six meters.

The specialists of the Technological Center “PPM” have not forgotten about those who like fishing in field conditions. The main thing in this case is reliability. And if the rod, in addition, is very affordable, then at the end of the route it can simply be presented to the local angler. “Volzhanka” has two such series: “Volgar” with dough up to 40 g and “Volgar Dream” with dough up to 50 g. These are really very reliable and powerful models. The precise proportion of carbon and graphite fibers combined with a high quality binder provided the rigidity and precision required for the rig. The additional power for the “Volgar Dream” series rods is given by the tangential winding of the knee surface with a bundle of carbon fibers. The Volgar Mechta rods are produced in lengths from 4 to 7 m, the Volgar rods – from 3 to 6 m. The rods of these series are very good for catching such strong fish as salmon, lenok, grayling, in conditions of limited freedom of action of the fisherman, as well as as a bait rod.

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Even a brief review of Volzhanka float rods shows that PPM has created a range of rods for almost all fishing conditions. Moreover, a fisherman, based on his financial capabilities, can always choose from several models. Although the Volzhanka rods are intended primarily for amateur fishing, the Volzhanka Sport or Volzhanka Modern series can also be used in sports competitions. Especially considering that sport fishing is developing in the direction of catching large fish. The only kind of rods that are completely absent from PPM products are specialized “nesting” swings. The demand for them is very limited and is fully satisfied by import supplies.

The company “PPM” constantly pays great attention to quality control of all its products. In particular, all rods are tested without fail not only during and after the end of production, but also before shipment from the warehouse.