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Tuapse. Today a friend received a proposal in the evening to get out to one interesting stretch of the sea coast, in order to drive horse mackerel. Of course, I agreed, because for 3 fishing at sea, which were earlier, I caught only one small horse mackerel. Well, the move didn’t ask at all in fishing terms. And already after sunset we arrived at the chosen place, took one breakwater and proceeded to collect gear. Today I used the following kit: Apia Grandage Lite 68/5 fishing rod, Shimano 19'Vanquish c2000sss reel with Daiwa Gekkabijin Tsukinohibiki II PE 0.15 cord.
I started fishing with a red gram jig head. Turning on the flashlight, I saw that a small mackerel was spinning already at the breakwater, but she did not want to react to my baits. I make about 3-4 bait transactions, if there are no bites, I change the bait. And here on the Merega Block Head slug in a yellow transparent color, the first bite occurs, and after striking there is lively resistance. The fishing account is open.

I guessed exactly with the bait, since before that I got only a couple of completely sluggish pokes, and on BlockHead contact with horse mackerel occurs on almost every cast. The size of the mollusk is small, so often idle bites occurred.

Soon, he again began to try something else. The next bait that worked was the Merega Pop-Eye slug, but it only brought me a couple of horse mackerels and a few sluggish bites.

I decide to check if there is a scorpion near the breakwater, I change the jig head, and also put the creature of Merega Traveler Craw, the scorpion loves lures of a similar structure. And on the second cast along the breakwater there is a bite, and here it is – a sea ruff! Well, I really like to catch scorpion. Yes, she is not a fighter at all, but I really like her fishing, well, the fish looks very peculiar.

There are no more bites from the bottom, again I turn to horse mackerel and pelagic. In the hope of bigger horse mackerel, I am getting bigger to a three-inch thin worm Merega Next Trap. But alas, only a trifle, and there were more single bites.

Again I set about searching for scorpion and croaker, leaving for the breakwater, which my friend advised me to catch. Enlarged to the creature of Merega Tweezer. The breakwater search did not bring any result, I turn to the catch of sketches near the coast. And on the next posting I get a good bite, I pull the fish for a second, but it comes off the hook. I repeat the cast in the same place, and again bite, brisk and pleasant resistance, and here is the catch on the breakwater. And what was my surprise when I saw that a cuckoo (stone perch) was caught. The fish is quite rare and rarely pleases spinning people, in addition, it is a representative of the red book. The fish, of course, after the photo shoot went free.

Well, at the end of the fishing season, I got a bigger chunk, still the same on Tweezer, and just spotted it only the second time.

Definitely, fishing was a success. So he opened normally rockfish season. There will be many more new and interesting things ahead.

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