Review of three spinning station wagons 2

Black Hole BX 245

The rod is made at the South Korean plant NS from IM4 carbon fiber. The nominal length is 245 cm, the actual length is 242 cm, and the weight is 204 g. The declared test is 10-30 g. The system can be called semi-parabolic. The rod has 7 single-support rings with silicon carbide inserts, tulip of the same type. Cork handle, 48 cm long, the quality of the cork corresponds to the price category of the model. The reel seat is screw, produced by NS. There is a loop for attaching the bait. The optimum spool size is at least 3500 on the Daiwa scale (the balance point with a 4000 spool is 6 cm in front of the spool foot). The fact that the spinning rod is made of “non-prestigious” graphite can be considered quite justified. A higher modulus graphite would make the rod more expensive, and a slight decrease in sensitivity and an increase in the weight of the rod are compensated by its power and unpretentious operation. The BX 245 can be forgiven for both forceful fishing and the occasional rod hitting hard objects. Although, of course, it is better not to abuse it.

In my opinion, the rod test is a little underestimated: its lower limit is about 12 g, and the upper one can be safely increased to 35 g. With jig lures, the maximum casting distance was achieved with weights weighing 26-28 g. lures from 14-16 g, with lighter loads, it is already difficult to track the steps, especially in the current and with a crosswind. There is no need to talk about the sensitivity “in hand”, but there are no problems with tracking the bottom and determining bites by recouping the top. When fishing with “iron”, the spinning rod is primarily suitable for rather heavy oscillating lures and front-loaded spinners, especially weighing more than 16 g. In this case, the casting turns out to be decent, and the game of the spinner is easy to track along the tip of the rod, and there is no increased load on the tackle. Of course, they can also fish with ordinary spinning lures up to the largest ones, but due to the power of the tackle and the large windage of such lures, the casting range will not be too long.

If we talk about wobblers, then the spinning rod is also suitable for large and heavy, from 12-14 g, lures, including deep-sea ones, which create a strong resistance during wiring. Using it with jerky lures is difficult because of the long handle, and the action of the rod is not conducive to such fishing. This spinning rod can also be used for jigging with lures weighing at least 16 g. The rod works very well when playing fish, allowing you not to stand on ceremony with trophies weighing about a kilogram, which makes it suitable for fishing in strong places where the speed of playing is often very important. In general, in the lineup of budget Black Hole spinning rods, the BX series, in my opinion, is most interesting precisely as a universal model suitable for fishing in different conditions with different types of lures. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use River Hunter or Taipan rods for the same purposes, but nevertheless the BX looks preferable in this regard.

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Mikado Silver Eagle 240 ML

The grade of carbon fiber is not specified, but judging by the price, it is not too expensive and highly modular, about the level of IM6 carbon. The blank is not varnished and has a natural graphite color. The nominal length of the rod is 240 cm, the actual length is the same, the weight is 170 g. The declared test is 10-30 g. The action of the rod is closer to what is called moderate-fast – moderately fast. The rod has 6 rings with one fulcrum and silicon carbide inserts, a tulip without protection against line overlap, which should be taken into account when fishing. However, during the period of editorial trials, overlaps did not happen often. Cork handle, short, 41.5 cm long. The optimal reel size is up to 3000 on the Daiwa scale or 750 on the Banax scale.

The increased rigidity and lightness of this model is achieved due not so much to the material of the blank as to its geometry – increased taper and small wall thickness. Therefore, the spinning rod requires careful handling, it is better not to overload it or subject it to accidental impacts. In my opinion, a short handle is not the best solution: due to the relatively heavy lower knee, the balance of the rod is far from ideal. With a size 3000 reel, the balance point is 9.5 cm from the foot. However, if you do not get carried away with twitching, fishing with this rod does not get tired. The test, in my opinion, is overestimated: its lower limit is approximately 5-7 g, the upper limit is no more than 25 g. Working with heavier baits already overloads the blank when casting, which can lead to its breakdown. The maximum casting distance is achieved with lures weighing 16-20 g. In general, in terms of casting distance, the spinning rod can hardly be called a leader. This is partly due to the small diameter of the guide rings. The movement of the jig lures along the rod tip can be monitored from the bottom of the test, especially if the wind and current do not interfere with fishing. “In hand” you can feel the wiring of more serious loads, at least 14-16 g.

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It is very pleasant to work with this spinning rod with spinning spoons of 2-4 numbers, as well as with medium-sized spoons. The game of the bait is clearly visible on the tip of the rod, and in the case of relatively large spinners, vibration is transmitted to the hand. When fishing with wobblers, it is better to use this model with lures that have their own game, weighing up to 20 g. Despite the fact that the length of the handle and the action of the rod allow twitching, you should not abuse this: the hand is not the best balance of the rod. gets tired pretty quickly. The rod copes well with playing fish, especially small ones, up to a kilogram. The tackle softens the jerks of the fish, and the likelihood of descent is low. It can be recommended primarily to those who mainly catch pike and perch with medium-sized turntables and wobblers. The most suitable reservoirs are rivers and lakes, where long-distance casting is not required, and the current does not complicate too much control over the bait wiring.

Norstream Freestyle 76M

The nominal length of the rod is 229 cm, the test is 7-28 g, the weight is 148 g. The rod can be called fast both in statics and in dynamics, when casting it works mainly in its upper quarter. The spinning rod is equipped with six single-bearing rings with silicon carbide inserts and a tulip. The rings are relatively large in diameter, which has a positive effect on the casting distance, while they are light and do not overload the rod blank. Combined handle: the lower part is cork, the upper part is made of synthetic material. The reel seat is screwed, ergonomic, the nut is integrated with the upper part of the handle. The handle itself is short, its length is only 38.5 cm. The optimal reel size is 2500-3000 on the Daiwa scale.

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The stated test range can be considered optimal for this model. The maximum casting distance is achieved with weights of 20-24 g. The rod is well balanced, the balance point of the rod with the reel is 6 cm in front of the foot, and it can be casted with both two and one hand, especially with light lures. When fishing with a jig, tracking the wiring along the tip is already possible with weights of 6-8 g, and when using weights from 12-14 g, the touch of the bottom is well transferred to the hand. With this spinning rod, you can quite comfortably fish with jerk lures – minnow wobblers, poppers and volkers weighing up to 18 g. The length of the rod and the size of the handle allow you to easily carry out twitching, and the stiffness of the blank prevents the spinning from falling through when jerking. It can be used with deep-sea minnows, but it all depends on the stubbornness of a particular model. The only problem when fishing with cranks is the low casting range of light sailing models. Therefore, it is better to use wobblers weighing at least 10 g.

The same problem arises with lures: the casting distance can be lower than when using slower models, the same Mikado Silver Eagle. If the range is not very important, spinning is quite suitable for such lures: their play feels very good. The Freestyle is especially recommended for all kinds of jigs and cutters, including a castmaster. In general, this spinning rod is one of the few budget models that can be successfully used for full-fledged twitching wiring. It is also very good for light jigging and fishing with compact oscillators, especially in cases where long distance casting is required. Of course, a longer spinning rod will solve this problem better, but it is less convenient for jerking fishing or for fishing on ponds with overgrown banks.