Repellent for yourself.

Summer fishing is rarely without the midges. However, it gives little pleasure from the process. Having tried all sorts of kaki, I began to look for my own solution to the problem. For a long time, tar has been successfully applied from the midges. I bought a bottle in the pharmacy for the sample. It helps well from midge, but it is very uncomfortable to smear with it. Previously used cologne Carnation from the midges. I bought a bottle of eau de cologne, dissolved a little of tar and made pshikalku from his wife's empty perfumes. It helps better store repellents and lasts much longer. Spray tolerably, but inconvenient to carry with you; a cork may pop up. Used two summers, this year decided to improve. I took an empty canister, filled it with a mixture (cologne + tar + essential clove oil). Ratio of approximately 50/1/1 cubes. Meryl syringe. You can successfully use alcohol, but take it now, for some reason, the problem. Spray refilled absolutely blank! First, the mixture is pumped with a syringe through an adapter. (Press and press) Adapter from a piece of dense rubber and a piece of tubule (I took the needle from the dropper) Then it is necessary to relieve the created air pressure. We turn the can over and through the adapter back into the bottle. (spits out a little liquid). Then we take a canister for gas burners, tiles (the composition of the gas is propane, butane, isobutane) and fill it with an adapter once again bleed a little and refuel to the desired volume. The volume is written on the refilled bottle. It is CATEGORICALLY impossible to refill more than 80 percent of the volume of the bottle. Full spray can tear the sun. I was guided by the weights and just shaking the spray can. It turned out quite well! By the way, I will immediately answer possible satirical notes. 1-You can always buy, but I do not like the content. 2- Almost all household aerosols are filled with this gas mixture. 3- You can experiment yourself on the composition of the mixture of the working solution. Good luck! Ps. I fill (for myself) the necessary varnishes, enamels. (You can simply acetone in a cylinder for washing guns). Spray can be used any (dichlofosnye). If there are hands, it will cost several times cheaper.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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