RATTLIN or TOKYO RIG what to catch perch, pike perch and pike in the heat?

HEAT, the water warmed above 25 degrees and the fish are on strike, but we still picked up a special key for it. Fishing in the reservoir in the summer heat can be quite exciting and productive.

But subject to several conditions:

an experienced partner in the boat, at least some knowledge of the reservoir and the specifics of fishing in it, possession of various fishing techniques and techniques, and of course a creative approach to fishing.

This time, an experienced angler-athlete Sergey Chizhonok joined us and this significantly increased the chances of finding fish in this summer heat. Creativity went to one of the reservoirs in the Minsk region. We started fishing as standard, with micro-jig and with a slope in the striped. Perch continually butted the bait and sometimes looked at us aboard, which prompted us to experiment. Sergey used to catch mainly jig-rigs, but at last I finally discovered Tokyo-rigs, a box with which Ivva’s Gomel colleagues kindly provided me with a box, for which I would like to express special thanks to them. So their time has come. When fishing on a fierce shell rock, this “Japanese sinker” came up perfectly. Although by the number of bites I lost to Seryoga, but by the quality of the stripes, I think not. This was the first fishing for this type of cargo, so there is still more than one fishing with it to understand and understand in detail its features and advantages. I have, as usual in the Insect favorites 35 and 50 mm in the “sucker”, and the partner rested on his some kind of secret bait.

So we spent half a day, but then we decided to put the lead aside and rest on the baits, which in the summer heat bring excellent results for the most diverse predator. Namely, in the wobblers of rattlin (vibes). And did not fail.

Vib: what it is and what it is eaten with. In recent years, these lures have become number one lures for fishing in the summer heat. In principle, they could be put on a par with crank wobblers, but still I think they are more versatile and versatile. They have one very big significant advantage over other baits. Vibs and rattlins can be caught in all layers of water. Depending, of course, on what horizon the fish is currently at.

Last fishing was no exception. The perch kept mostly near the bottom, sometimes hanging over stumps with snags, sometimes standing on the shoals with water lilies. Accordingly, they caught vibes in a variety of posting methods. In the bottom layers they were caught with ordinary jig wires. When I had to lure him out of water lilies, then I had to tweet, make sharp, chaotic jerks. Well, when sharp dumps were caught with high cramps, then it was already possible to conduct the vibe more smoothly, wavy wiring with long pauses. In short, from the moment we hung the vibes, until the end of the fishing we practically never removed them. This bait is not only a good provocateur and irritant, as my partner on the boat called it, but also an excellent search engine with which you can break through a wide variety of places. They managed to catch perch in number, a couple of pike perches and pikes, oh yes, I almost forgot, even one ruff flew in. On this fishing trip, the undisputed leader was vib Akara Leaf. I caught a fish for all the colors that were with me.

This is by the way, by the way about the colors. This small, compact, but at the same time quite heavy vib perfectly flies and works on a variety of wiring. Well, as for the postings that can be used when fishing for vibes, there will be a separate video about this soon. So stay tuned, but who hasn’t subscribed to our channel yet, we’ll welcome you:

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