Rain. To catch or not to catch ….

I saw that according to the weather forecast they promised light rain all day, and still decided to go fishing, though not far away. I left the house it was dry, but when I drove up, then, as usual, the forecast came true and it started to rain. He collected everything he needed, put on a cloak that was always in the car and in such a cool look went to the place. And here I am not the only one, there were fishermen in peace.

Since I was going to fish for microjig, I did not take the wobblers, and still checked the shallow water along the way with the help of a shallow bait with a light load and mormyshing wiring, but not a jab. He moved on to the pit and first began to catch the coastal zone, but there were also no bites. Then he began to throw into the distance to catch from the edge, and right there the perch was waiting for a small bait and attacked.

It shifted to the left to catch both from the edge itself and from the ascent and exit from the pit. Making castings to a shallow depth of exit, I quietly pulled it along an oblique to a depth, then pulled it onto a coastal edge and very often attacked a perch precisely at the moments of contraction on the dump itself. And at the same time alternated between an active and passive bait topping the whales.

Under the reeds, I saw a shmatkov grid, apparently someone from the boat caught on and thrown into the reeds without going ashore, pulled out and dragged ashore, a Chinese net with a small cell in which all the fish die.

And here the weather conditions worsened completely, the wind intensified and it started to snow wet but still continued to fish and perch was caught. I went on a sandy scythe and from it we also managed to catch a trio of perches of a strong physique. But to catch here in the open space is not very comfortable and headed in the opposite direction to the pier.

Here, right under the pier, apparently hiding behind the pillars, caught the last striped today and decided that enough extreme fishing for today would be enough.

Today I used a Kagami 50 to use a vibro-tail, and the Takari Strong 40 is a leech from the stretch category, very wear-resistant and durable if you don’t break off the hooks. Both baits are blue and this color in my conditions proved to be working.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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