Proper storage of fishing worms

For fishermen who do not have the opportunity to have in the garden nurseries worms, but there are garages or cellars, you can recommend storing the worms in the boxes from wood. This is the same nursery, only much smaller, where they can not only live, but multiply. And the more this will be the size of the box, the better are the conditions for life and reproduction. Have you must meet the following conditions: compulsory feeding, cool place, as well as a small hydration of the earth.

Storing worms in wooden boxes

On the bottom of the box poured a small layer of garden soil mixed half with sand, then cover the ground with a layer of last year’s rotted leaves, preferably birch or oak. Then two-thirds of the height of the box fall asleep moist garden earth, mixed with breaks of cabbage leaves, pieces of old bark, rotten pieces of burlap. Then in the box allowed about 300-400 individuals, without any mechanical damage.

You can feed them unsalted meat broth, cottage cheese, sleep tea, bran. There is one very significant point about the storage. It is impossible to contain in one box with no other manure worms worms. Here the fact that dung is able to excrete toxic liquid, which eventually kills the other. And at the end of this process, which lasts no more than 10 it, killing themselves and dung , intoxicated environment, formed from decaying animals.

Land in the box containing the worms for fishing, it is useful to lay a piece of dilapidated, old clothes, previously lightly moistened. With such a covering of the earth worms can’t crawl out of the box, and thus accumulate in many wet folds of clothing. In this case, you do not have to dig into the ground in order to dial the desired number.

If I don’t want to mess with “slugs”, it is possible to catch and on other less “fugly” bait, such as bread, semolina and many others. In a previous article we discussed how to cook semolina on a fishing trip, maybe she bite, some fish will be better.

Can be seen on the banks of the ponds plastic, tin, glass and other banks. This is the handiwork of some fishermen who, having spent all the bait and having no desire to take unnecessary packaging back home, infest the banks of the reservoirs. But you can avoid that if anglers are used to store worms for fishing bags made of thick fabric, especially when you consider that this bag has a number of advantages compared to banks. The worms don’t die in it in the intense heat.

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