Preparation masterki for fishing at home

All expectations of what mastyrka soon get tired of fish and it will cease to peck at her ridiculous and unfounded. As before, on this head with great success are both river and lake species of fish. This nozzle fishing is very popular, there are many variations of its preparation and long term storage. You can buy in the store, and you can prepare yourself, in your own kitchen.

For a fisherman cooking this bait is a real creative process, it is only necessary to slightly change the proportions of the ingredients, add something of your own author and only original mastyrka will delight you with its good efficiency.

The cooking process masterki for fishing provides for your continued participation, can not be distracted even for a minute, so all used products should be prepared in advance and put them on the table. Important ingredients are peas (in a pinch, pea flour), semolina, sugar, flour, and honey, and unrefined sunflower oil and food coloring.

How to make mastyrka for fishing

To make mastyrka for fishing you will need an aluminum pan, designed at least 3 liters, the bottom of the pan should be non-stick. In addition to pots you need a wooden potato masher and a large bowl.

A glass of peas previously soaked in cold water for 2-3 hours. Whole peas need to be clean, poor quality blackened peas should be discarded.

Start cooking the peas. The process should occur in the fire of medium intensity with periodic stirring. When the peas are ready, turn it into a puree using a wooden tolkushkoy without removing the pan from the heat. Add the pea puree, a teaspoon of honey and sugar, continue to mix, be careful not to burn. Now it is the turn of the dye, just add it to the mass, stir without stopping. When the weight will again begin to squarcini, remove the pan from the heat and place on the prepared towel or cutting Board. Without delay, add about 3 handfuls of semolina and 2 handfuls of flour, do not forget to carefully pomeshivat mass. After all, more races protolyte puree, adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Can also read how to prepare peas for fishing.

When ready, remove mastyrka from the pan. Better to do it soaked in oil hands. Form from the mass of balls of the desired size and leave them to cool on a clean towel.

Properly Packed mastyrka stored in the freezer for several months, and before fishing gradually thawed in the refrigerator. Can also read about cooking the Hominy in this article.

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