Pikes peck on seniority.

This year was windy and not very comfortable for catching PVC from a boat. Of course, it is very disappointing when you plan some kind of fishing, and a strong wind suddenly spoils all plans.

I think most lovers

Trolling fishing is more than familiar. In general, I can not imagine what they were doing this summer. Whatever the weekend, so the wind.

Of course, the bravest fishermen are not even afraid of Ladoga.

But I am not like that. I am for safe fishing.

But to miss the day because of the weather is the height of selfishness and laziness.

I do not allow myself this! That's how it happened this time …

I was planning a trip for the ships on the river Svir. We discussed with the partner the date of the trip, approved and began to gather. A couple of days before fishing, I decided to see the weather. Before, it makes no sense to check. Our predictors can not be trusted, and not ours either.

So … on the day of our fishing, according to the forecast, this ill-fated wind should be 10m / s, with gusts up to 15 m / s.

It seems the wind is correct, but strong. I'm afraid that the anchor will not even hold the boat.

So what to do?

It is clear that with such a wind, most fishing on high water immediately disappears. Theoretically, you can go to Titan, for pike. But if it will blow from the shore. Otherwise, the same problem torments.

Looked like blowing there. Not happy.

Maybe we should wait until tomorrow. Forecasts may vary. We will decide before fishing.

Tomorrow to go. All is ready. Bribed bait, rubber, lead. Partner bought spinning new.

Now we are armed to the teeth.

Outside the wind began to grow.

Leave after 4 hours. Phoned with a friend. What are we doing? The wind is a hurricane, and the rain promises …

We must go where you will be closed from the wind.

I know only one perfect place, where in any storm it will be quiet and calm.

Forest Lake!

But there is no jig there, of course, there are wobblers and jerks!

It's time to walk your Rapala X-Rap OTUS dinosaurs.

The jerk set is assembled quickly.

You will have your own market, winch and a suitcase with wood. All is ready!

15 minutes and you are assembled.

The brand new Shimano Yasei Casting Pike 2.5m 40-100g played the role of the market, the winch – the Shimano Calcutta 101B, with the coiled wire Power Pro 0.41mm.

We arrive at the place. This is some kind of miracle !!! Silence, the birds are singing.

Storm, wind? What is it??

Coming here, you find yourself in another dimension.

The air is completely different. Places are beautiful.

Breathe and fight!

I wear waders, and to the water. I start with the "small" bait, 90 grams.

To get to the place of casting, you need to go through the swamped area, 6 meters to the edge of the reed. Behind the reed break immediately at 1.5 -2 meters. Under this wall and stands toothy.

I leave quietly on a convenient site, throwing along the reeds. The bait flops at the trunk of a tree that has fallen into the water.

Begin to lead the bait. Far to dawn. Although the water is transparent as a tear, I see the bait badly. I wear "polarians". This is already better.

Here is the bait, here is the branch before it.

Oh, not a branch! A pike about a meter long, stood and watched the monster Otus moving on it.

Here she turns around and looks at the bait. I froze what to do. One wrong move and everything was gone.

I pause. Then again a smooth pull. And so, it is right in front of my eyes opens the mouth and attacks.

Bah! Spray in all directions! I just felt the discharge of lightning in my hand. Hand almost cramped from the tension.

All my body. From the sweeps almost fell into the water.

The bait plopped down next to me. And on the spot where there was a fish, only turbidity and bubbles remained.

As so, because I saw her right now …

Well, go ahead. In the next section, the pike often stands under the bridge.

Throw a meter from the walkway, spend the bait. She passes by the shelter. Then I see a torpedo fly out from under him, flying at breakneck speed past the bait and hiding in the depths.

What was it all about?

The water is clear, the bait is healthy, how can you miss? Did not wake up something ??

20 minutes I tried the wiring and bait at this place, in the hope that it attacks again … unsuccessfully.

At this morning the biting is over.

Closer to dinner, I decided to go to the meliks, thick reed grows there, quite small, and there is nothing to do without waders. In some places there are holes in the soil that can be stepped into the abyss. Put the bait smaller. Here, mostly small specimens among lily pads stand aground.

Cast! The bait beautifully plays in the clear water.

Bah! Automatic hooking. Yasi bent over. Pike attacked so suddenly that I did not even expect a bite. There is! The first fish today. What are you thin. Do not feed something …

Call the nurse. I let go.

Second cast. The second is !!!

Pike is not big, but how nice to fight with it!

My casting ration, though powerful, gives me pleasure when playing even a not large pike. How I like him!

I take off the hook and into the water. Third cast. There is!!! Immediately on the fall took.

Pike included! This is the heat.

Every cast. Pike.

From this point I caught 7 pieces. Nibble over.

Moving to the next point. There is nothing. Then further. Do not bite.

Until the evening I caught two more laces and saw a couple of exits.

It turns out that since the morning they pecked the biggest, then less, less, etc., and by evening there were only little ones left.

Fishing day was great !!!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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