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Morning earlier, looking out the window I see that the weather is excellent, the sun is shining and warm. But the only question is how the pike will manifest itself, because I wanted to catch on the channels by tweaking, and the pike, as you know, loves cloudy weather, at least a large one is definitely less active on a bright day. Arrived on the river, beauty and tranquility, the bright sun warms spring warmth.

He headed to the point from which I always start, the water in the channel is straight very transparent, crystal and at a normal level. So you can catch on wobblers with a depth of 1 meter, by color I started of course with RedHead, I personally have the most working one. And the first in exploration is a composite wobbler, it catches a pike very well. The first couple of places without blows, I pass I see an interesting place, a nook in the coastal reeds. Throwing clearly under the reeds, at the pause the wobbler is slowly sinking and I begin to post with short single jerks, playing almost on the spot. And then probably the pike lost their nerves at the sight of a "dying fish", and it attacks, the first opens the account.

I’m looking for interesting places further, it’s a little deeper here, so I change the bait to a natural one with a color for a carp. In an active game, almost without a pause, a small pike came out of the depths and attacked immediately, trying to escape into the mud.

Again, the transition, again the depth is slightly reduced and that means you need to change the bait, to adapt to the conditions. The little guy flies clearly along and is brought down in the middle of the channel, jerk jerk pause … jerk punch, there is contact, an active small pike.

Then I move to another part of the canal, I tried for a long time and a lot, the water here is cloudy and deeper, about 1.5-2 meters. No matter how I tried, there was not a single bite. Spent an hour idling through the bait, but apparently there is no fish here at all. Went in the opposite direction collecting ticks, which became a lot.

All pikes already pricked in this area, but in another place decided to stop and not in vain, throwing under a tree and apparently there she was waiting. The redhead worked, and a small but very active pike on the shore.

All pike today were caught on small sized wobblers, kept just places with clean water at shallow depths, then the water apparently warmed up very well. The fry walking often in flocks was often seen, but the pike did not drive it and did not observe bursts. Working lures for today Asaka 90SS, Sagami 65SP, Shigu 70F and all natural colors, I have not even tried bright ones. Cool fishing happened today, the pike was active, sent all the beauties to grow and gain weight, and he headed back home.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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