Petersburg club of fishing fans about the competitions "Rotan of the White Nights!" (Author: Oleg Britov)

For the second year in a row, our club takes part in holding the fishermen's holiday in Moscow Victory Park. We were introduced to the Internet. I read about these competitions online, looked at history, photos, reports. I liked everything very much. The competitions themselves are very democratic and are not tuned to athletes, but for ordinary fishermen. Both children, fishermen, and simple anglers can take part here. Reservoirs of the Moscow Park as a venue are very suitable for this. For competitions there are convenient platforms and the main fish.

At the competition in 2018, he took part with friends Vladimir Boldyrev. Volodya then received a prize for the biggest rotan at 340g. He liked the pond so much that in the same summer they held our “Cup of Children's Hope” there for children from orphanages and the “Cup of Wise Gudgeon” for journalists of the construction press.

The role of personality in history has not been canceled. In these competitions, this is Dmitry Baryshev with his friends. These are the organizers and custodians of the tradition. Among the sponsors of the competition is constantly present the founder of our Club Boris Mirenkov and his company EcoGroup.

The team gathered professional, positive and kind. Giving people joy, too, must be able to.

Impressions from the competition. Everything is democratic, easy, without serious regulations and prohibitions. There are all categories of competitors: Children, fishermen, fishermen and professional sportsmen. Prepared a good base for information, online entry to the competition, advertising in the social. networks, a program to calculate the results. The prizes of last year and this say that the work with advertisers is also at a high level. Not for nothing, our Club this year also assisted in the conduct of competitions. Certificates of honor of the president of the club A.I. Vakhmistrov, medals of the club, club attributes (packages, booklets, the magazine "Sport Fishing", t-shirts, caps, etc.).

Unfortunately, this year the fish let us down. Rotan was caught worse and in the first round it was caught in more than 2 times less fish than the previous one. Last year 21 kg were caught. By the way, during the entire competition no rotan was hurt. All fish were released back into the water. The most unusual catch with a prize from Ekogrupp in the form of a T-shirt was given for the caught iPhone 5c. The largest rotan weighing 130g. was also awarded a prize. Last year, this prize was won by Vladimir Boldyrev, a member of our club with a weight of 340g. The fishing took place in 2 stages: in the first for the total weight of the fish caught, in the second for the number of caught rotan. I really liked the computer program automatically calculating the results.

All participants received a lot of prizes and awards, especially the winners in the nominations. Both Club gifts and spinings Maxsimus and lure from LureMax, and inflatable boat accessories (platform, cart for engine and wheels for PVC, and much more. About 350 photos in the photo album of the competition. Each of the participants can find himself. Especially the winners. By tradition There are common photos of the winners and participants.

Technical results of the competition in the publications of Dmitry Barinov. I thank the organizing team for good folk competitions in catching rotan. The club will support the Rotan of the White Nights next year. We are waiting for everyone. No tail, no scales !!!

Author: Oleg Britov.

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