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Perch fishing on basmatic winter – top day

Besttelki is a very effective bait, but to achieve them with success can be difficult. How to choose such bezmetallny jigs for perch for winter fishing and how to fish them to stay with a great catch?

Besttelki is the jig that caught without grafting bloodworms or other natural bait. This is a great bait for perch off the ice .

What better bite on them at the beginning and at the end of winter, but you can use them in gluhozime. Fishing with bezmetallny harder than the jig with a planting, but with the right approach catches can be impressive. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of perch on bessatalk winter, selecting tackle and lures and technique of fishing.

The contents

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Perch fishing on the first ice on bessatalk: video
  • The choice of gear
  • Best besttelki on a perch
  • Bizmathica on a perch with their hands
  • Complementary feeding
  • The technique
  • Video of perch fishing on basmatic winter

Advantages and disadvantages

The first thing to decide will fit you besttelki or not. This type of lures there are two main advantages:

  • Fishing besttelki is a very dynamic fishing. If the perch are biting well, you can catch of minke whales one after the other, it does not have to worry about the cold with the replacement of bait on the hook and spend time on it. The bait is also not commonly used. When fishing for perch on bessatalk have a lot to go on the ice, to sit still for long periods of time is not necessary, like the supporters of active rest.
  • To tempt the fish to bite without using bait, you need a pretty high level of skill. It gives a special, with nothing comparable interest and appeals to many experienced anglers.

But this bait also has disadvantages:

  • To entice bass to bite with bezmetallny harder. On the hook there is no the tempting bait, and means to force the fish to take it only through a compelling game. Need a good technique to successfully catch perch on bessatalk. That is why fishing with this bait may not all beginners.
  • Than passive fish and the smaller her appetite, the harder it is to entice her to take with bezmetallny. In gluhozime this lure may be ineffective, while the jig with a planting will regularly bring catches.

Despite these disadvantages, basmatic definitely worth adding to your Arsenal, especially if you already have a good experience fishing on a checker jig.

Perch fishing on the first ice on bessatalk: video

Read more about perch fishing on the first ice

The choice of gear

It is important that the bait for perch on the ice asmatico was easy. Such gear is convenient to perform transactions, besides they are very sensitive. The standard length of the whip like a fishing rod – 20-25 cm is Better if the arm will be made of a soft material – foam or cork.

Construction fishers choose to your taste, it can be:

  • rod-balalaika;
  • mormyshka fishing rod with reel and handle made;
  • purchased or homemade fishing rod of any design.

Of great importance is the right choice nod. This item of equipment depends on how well it will play bait, as it often determines the success of the fishing.

The best options of nods for fishing basmatic will:

  • Mylar;
  • of thin steel plates (for example, springs from an old clock);
  • from boar bristles.

To equip a fishing rod for perch fishing on basmatic best manolescu. It does not freeze in the cold, not so much noticeable in the water as braid, and good stretches, damping jerks fish. The last two things needed when not fishing any fish. But to hunt for perch, whose good eyes and weak lips, they are very relevant.

Any manolescu diameter – 0,08-0,12 mm. Filament thickness of 0.12 mm is enough to get even a specimen. The larger the diameter, the stronger the fishing line hinders the game mormyshki, therefore, when fishing asmatico you should try to use a thin monofil.

Best besttelki on a perch

There are many variations of jigs that are used for perch in the winter. Of them most commonly used:

  • pellet;
  • droplet;
  • osinka;
  • ê;
  • ant;
  • goat;
  • cat eye;
  • gwozdecky;
  • gvozdenovic;
  • devil ;
  • witch;
  • Balda.

The devil is bizmathica non-standard, requiring special equipment wiring. The witch and noodle – even more original bait, which also needs its own animation.

Important when fishing for perch has a color besttelki. Commonly used:

  • lure color silver or yellow metal – the most versatile color;
  • the black jig is one of the best colors ezmotion for perch, which works well in good visibility in clear water, in shallow water, in Sunny weather;
  • bright colored lure – red, green and so on is also worth adding to the collection, they will be a great addition to the first two options of colors.

Help. For the perch usually are more attractive besttelki with the extra “decorations” on the hooks. It can be colored segments lembrikov, beads, yarns and wool. If bought basmatic nothing like that, it can be upgraded independently.

Hunting for bass with a good fit tungsten ice jig. When you lead equal to the amount of they weigh more, so the game is more sharp. The pinstripes like that kind of animation. The deeper and stronger for a fishing spot, the more urgent the tungsten.

But lead besttelki also yield good catches. They are used more often tungsten. Are lead jigs less to find them on sale or make your hands easier.

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Bizmathica on a perch with their hands

Good basmatic can be quite easy to make at home yourself. The easiest option home-made – wrapped:

  • you need to take the suitable size single hook, to let go of his ear over a fire and bend it so that it is aligned at an angle of about 120 degrees to the forearm;
  • navit body of the lure to the desired shape of the wire;
  • to cover the body solder or lead, and then process the file, needle files and sandpaper.

The most technologically advanced method of manufacture ezmotion for perch and other fish at home – casting in the form. But you have to first make or find itself a mold for casting lures.

How to make jigs for winter fishing

Complementary feeding

On bessatalk perch in the winter can fish without any bait. This differs from fishing on mormyshka with a planting.

It is necessary to drill a lot of holes and find the point where there are active fish. After the bite stopped, we need to move on.

But using bait in fishing with bezmetallny, you can increase the catches. It is enough to periodically throw a pinch of bloodworms in the hole where the perch is biting, in order to maintain the interest of the fish to the point.

The approach in which stuff just drilled the hole to bring it to a perch, when fishing with bezmetallny is usually not used. First you need to find active fish and then using the bait to try to attract to the hole more whales and keep them longer.

The technique

Basic animation besttelki for perch in winter, as follows:

  • it is necessary to lower the bait to the desired horizon (bottom, middle layers of the water, and sometimes under ice);
  • asking bizmathica the quick spinning of small fluctuations, to raise it to a height of 20-30 cm.
  • also with the game to lower the jig to the starting point.

On lowering bizmathica attracts perch not always. If in the first hour or two fishing for a bite when the lure down, you can abandon the game at this phase of the movement.

Important! The optimal oscillation frequency besttelki for perch in the winter – 200-300 per minute. But more importantly, to play monotonous and without interruption.

If you run the right game in such a fast pace does not work, you should lower it. In other words, monotonous and without interruption the game at a slow pace is usually better than quick, but with flaws.

To achieve good catches, and also use additional techniques of animation besttelki:

  • quick lifts up and then a sharp drop down;
  • when fishing in the lower horizon – tapping on the bottom;
  • the pause in the transaction;
  • a change of pace posting.

The basic wiring of the Jack is similar to basic animation standard ezmotion, but the oscillation frequency may be smaller, and the amplitude is more. When fishing for witch and noodle need to further reduce the frequency and increase the amplitude. These lures work well to animate them “potrjahivanie” with a height of 3-5 cm.

Jig-bestyle – difficult to use bait, but with the right approach it brings excellent catches of perch. To start to learn it better on the first or last ice, but often it works well and in gluhozime. Better to learn how to catch with a planting, and then to master asmatico. But if you know how to choose bait and how to feed her fish, even a beginner can, a little stuffed hand in the transaction, successfully catching her winter perch, enjoying excellent results fishing.

Video of perch fishing on basmatic winter

Read more about the technique of fishing on basmatic you learn from this video:

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