Pecked at everything!

Pecked at everything!Surprising in saturation turned out fishing: all day rampant nibble of zander! Seldom you get on such a bite, the impressions are amazing! And it all started quite prosaically. November 6 at half past five in the morning arrived in a car Slava and Oleg. While loading things into the car, we discussed where we would go. It was clear that on Kama, but the exact location remained in question. Already on the road, we decided to go to a painfully familiar place, in the Magpies. Then they approached the shore in the area of ​​gravel mountains on the other side of the Kama. Looking at the vague silhouettes of numerous boats sailing off the coast, we realized that “Sabantuy” cannot be avoided today. The bulk of the boats headed towards the confluence of Arkharovka and Kama – this is about a kilometer from our parking lot. We decided not to follow the crowd, but to look for new places.

Dawn found us sailing offshore. Three lonely air-bags on the background of a boundless river. A light morning breeze drove a small wave. Weak surf, on the shore at the very edge of the water snow, small ice hummocks puff. The last breath of autumn in anticipation of frost. A bit chilly, but working the oars against the tide we quickly drove away the morning chills. Against the background of the lights of the track, dozens of boats scurrying in search of a convenient fishing spot looked like small black dots. The light finally defeated the darkness and before our eyes appeared a huge number of boats on the horizon. I counted over forty.

We stood in close proximity to each other, but so as not to interfere with castings and wiring. The depths are very decent – about 16 meters. The first half hour there were only rare bites, but the hope grew stronger with every minute. It was visible how fishermen jerked and hooked, swimming “on a plumb line” on a sprat — the fish woke up. The first click – and the fish pulled the tip of the spinning. With the rise to the surface, the resistance weakened, and when the pike perch appeared on the surface, it was already easy to take it without a net. Another bite, yet. One after the other, blows follow, the fish more and more actively grabs the bait. A sharp cut – and strong resistance is broken in a couple of minutes. The last jerks, and the handsome 3.5 kg pike perch is already gently taken under the gills and transferred to the boat.

Nibble was crazy: for one posting, two or three hits. Often attacked by a hungry bersh, which was not even detected by powerful gear, but zander is a completely different matter !. Short furious attack and stupid, albeit short-lived resistance. Indescribable pleasure! Periodically, when the bite noticeably weakened, I had to rearrange. The mass of flooded and abandoned at the bottom of the nets and all the rubbish made me swear and put a new bait instead of the torn off. The wiring is stepwise, with a short “no nod” of no more than ten centimeters, and the bait hung for 3-4 seconds under the influence of the current. But as a rule, the wiring rarely reached the boat – almost always followed by a bite!

Glory caught on a twister, I on a vibro-tail, and Oleg dragged pike perches on a "pigtail". Pecked at everything! By two o'clock I already had more than enough zander, and the desire to experiment got the upper hand. I tested the Upstream method in action. Great results! Lateral drift of the bait more actively stimulates the predator's attack! The bite “for demolition” was many times greater than when casting downstream. The best part is that you can reduce the weight of the bait and the wiring is much faster. Against traction, he let in weight of 32 g, "for demolition" – 26 g, and the bait worked perfectly! I changed the bait, changed the weight of the cheburashka, put different home-made modifications of the bait – it was cool! But the most successful, as always, turned out to be my favorite green vibro-tail on a 28-gram cheburashka with a Mustad double.

Fish pecked until late in the evening. Everyone caught the glory. Oleg was the first to move towards the shore, Slavik was behind him, and I followed. It’s good to sail less than five minutes. On the shore, already at dusk, excitedly exchanged impressions of this amazing fishing. They fished in almost ideal conditions: during the day the breeze completely stopped, overcast, but with clear weather, the temperature was about zero degrees, the wicker and tulip did not freeze, good current and good depth. All these conditions by chance came together on this beautiful day! Shots, clicks, “stops”, “pushbacks” – all variants of foolish bites were abundant. Anyone who at least once gets on such a nibble will remember him forever and will always remember with lust.

Fishing is the ultimate pleasure. A pleasure that not everyone can understand. But he who understood, he fell ill forever! Thank you Kama for this unique day!

author Niyaz AHMEDOV


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Author: Amanda K. Benson

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