Payers in Finland.

As promised, I will begin my story about pike, perch and roach with bream. Well, first about bream. When the lilac begins to bloom, he just blows his head, he pecks like a wound. And by the way, copywriters are pretty decent, A4 sheet size is the beginning. In the river called Kuroeki, his darling, the guys from Estonia are taken out with luggage. I myself don’t spare him, as my beloved says, bony a dozen!

There you can also roaches of such sizes that in the middle lane it is considered monsters, and if fishing without a reel, then it's free, that is, for nothing))). In it, a river, you can successfully drive a toothy, and attach the gnarl.

Toothy is very fond of vibrations for perch (medium size), silicone brighter, and wobblers (10 centimeters). Perch in the river is not large, as they say, a hundred pieces break into a glass. This companion is better to look for in the bay. All this can be caught from the shore, so you don’t have to bother with the lack of a boat. The size is also decent. People take only starting at 300 grams. And this is pleasure in the city (perch, pike, whitefish, pike perch, and bream with roach.)

In the spring, somewhere in the beginning and middle of April, smelt comes from the ice on the principle of "lowered, raised," for half an hour – and the package is almost full, but if

ice hit))). I prefer to catch her at the Raipolotovsky bridge. Although, when she goes, she takes everywhere (just everyone has their own quirks).

And when autumn comes and the nights become dark, people gather from almost all of Finland and catch a huge amount of herring from the bridge. By the way, I forgot to write that I am writing about places from Pori to Pietarsaari.

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