Overview of the winter spinner ECOPRO Shprot

Overview of the winter spinner ECOPRO ShprotFishing luck depends on many factors. This is their own experience, and place, and, of course, correctly selected bait. It’s good today to buy a spinner for winter fishing is not difficult. But how to choose a good option so as not to "waste money"? It is necessary to learn from the experience of other anglers who have already fished for something and will advise working models. So in this article I share my impressions of the new winter spinner ECOPRO Shprot. I hope that my experience will be useful to someone. After acquiring a new “toy”, I settled down at my fishing table to consider everything in detail.

The spinner is equipped with a quality tee with a color drop. The tee, of course, is too small for fishing with replanting a spider, and we will change it. And the one with a drop is useful for catching perches. The kit also comes with a durable carabiner. It can be used for its intended purpose. As the saying goes, a trifle, but nice. I took out the lure from the packaging right on the fishing trip – and there is already a carbine. Spinner looks very impressive. Immediately visible high-quality galvanic coating, which is much stronger than ordinary paint. On the "head" is glued a voluminous 30-eye, marking the attack point for a predator.

The clockwork rings are strong. But if you fish in the snag, replace them with softer ones. This will save the bait with the hook, sacrificing only a tee. The upper side of my spinner is the color of brass, and the back side glows in the dark with a poisonous yellow-green color with black stripes. On the Kama and Volga, this color brought good luck more than once. Predators of these rivers are very indifferent to bright colors. A straight keel runs along the back of the bait. It is he who gives a loose, uniform game of the spinner when immersed in water.


The size of the spinners I purchased is 15 grams and 80 mm in length (the entire model range contains 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 110 mm and 5, 7.5, 11, 15, 18, 26 gr, respectively). This is the most suitable weight for ponds where I happen to fish. Let's look at how spinners play underwater. I test the bait in the aquarium. Keep in mind that the game is spinner in shallow water and at depth differs dramatically. But tests in the aquarium help to understand how to work with it in principle. "Sprat" after dumping lays down in a horizontal position and, hesitating, goes to the bottom. Such a game attracts many predators. But the bait behaves this way only at shallow depths – of the order of 2-3 m. Deeper it is necessary to animate the spinner in a different way, since there it is no longer laid out in the horizon, but “nails”. Here the experience of the fisherman plays a more important role than the spinner itself. At depth, work with short tosses, hypnotizing the fish watching the bait in a monotonous game. The color of the product is also not the last value when hunting predatory fish.

Lure color

Who says fish do not distinguish colors? Very distinguishable. But you can not prescribe general rules for the use of colors. In each reservoir and at different times, different options will work. On my river, predators prefer phosphor colors, while others prefer natural colors. The main thing here is to guess the preferences of the fish in its habitat. What color and when to use, will show only numerous experiments and personal experience.

Lure work on a reservoir

And now let's look at the options for the ECOPRO Shprot to work on the stream and in the standing water. As I mentioned above, when resetting, ECOPRO Shprot lays in the horizon and drowns, rolling over from side to side. But this will not always be. With increasing depth, the game becomes increasingly scarce. In this case, I recommend using short and sharp throws to at least somehow revive the behavior of the spinners in the depths. The pronounced keel on the back of the spinner gives stability to the game. And stability means subtlety. When teasing a predator, the same type of game gives better results than chaotic. That's why industrial spinners are in some ways better than homemade ones. Factory lures are similar to each other like two drops of water. And if you lose one, then the other will work the same way.

The main fish that are caught on the Kama and the Volga is zander, perch and bersh. For catching perch, we definitely need models no more than 11 grams, although during the periods of the first ice and active feeding it is also caught on large spinners. For example, ECOPRO Shprot weighing 26 grams due to the keeled design is laid out in the horizon even at a depth of 0.5 m. That is, if you catch on a catch, the weight of the spinner is not important for the game. Any "grammage" will be laid out in the horizon with the correct work of the lure. If you have to catch in a pond in the absence of a current, here you can also use any weight, regardless of depth. But in this case, it would be nice to add an edge or other attribute that attracts attention to the tee. Experiment!

On the course, things are different. Here I recommend picking up a weight that “catches” the bottom, but at the same time it’s a bit drifted by streams of water. This will make it possible to catch a larger sector under the hole. If fishing is carried out at great depths, then I advise you to use a braided cord. It does not stretch like a fishing line, and gives advantages in controlling the bait. Of course, it is better not to put the braid in severe frosts, since it freezes and shaggy. But at a temperature of about -5 degrees, it is comfortable to work with the cord. Remember the main thing: on the chalk we work with dumps of half a meter, and at depth, to revitalize the game – with short throws of no more than 10 cm.

In addition to the external beauty of the bait, I liked the working qualities. A variety of colors and different weights make it possible to choose a spinner for specific conditions. Bersh and pike perch showed their indifference to the new piece of iron. A predictable stable game allows you to predict how the bait will behave under water, which means it’s clear how to work with it. It's nice that with its quality, the price is more than affordable. In a word – RECOMMEND!

author Timur KOLESOV

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