Overview of LureMax Butcher and Yobbo Silicone Lures

Overview of LureMax Butcher and Yobbo Silicone LuresIn the early spring, I bought several packs of interesting rubber, which I’ll talk about in today's article. First of all, I perceive fishing as a vacation. But if the vacation is accompanied by a catch that will decorate the family table at dinner, then it will be even better. And, as you know, fishing begins long before leaving the river. So we go shopping, picking up gear for the upcoming adventures. On one of these trips, I came across this new product. I am skeptical of all kinds of promotional offers until I myself check the offered goods.

In 2017, the new LureMax brand appeared on the Russian market. Under this brand, a wide range of soft silicone lures is manufactured. In the lineup there are options for a wide variety of types of fishing. There are vibro-tails and twisters with active play, there are worms and weaknesses for drop shots, as well as imitations like maggot, bloodworms and crayfish. The collection is decent for lovers of ultralight, and for supporters of heavy jig. With such a variety of eyes run up. But given my addiction to pike-perch fishing, my choice immediately fell on a couple of baits suitable for such fishing – Butcher and Yobbo. Why exactly them? Read to the end, and you will know everything.

The first thing that caught my eye was the familiar forms that had been tested in practice for a long time. Butcher is a younger relative of Mr. Greedy by Lucky John, and Yobbo resembles Pontoon21's Awaruna. For many years I have been catching on these models, and such a geometry of the body of the bait itself has successfully established itself. And, as they say, everything new is well forgotten old. Therefore, I settled on what was tested and worked.

First impressions

Bright colorful packaging is equipped with a zip-lock to tightly close the bag after opening. This is done on purpose, as the baits smell specifically and must be kept closed. A biologically active attractant, which is embedded in silicone, turns it into the so-called "edible" rubber. What does it give? The smell, spreading in the water column, attracts the attention of fish. The predator, feeling the aroma of shrimp or rotted herring, does not immediately realize that it has grabbed a plastic substitute for prey. This is a moment of confusion and gives the angler the opportunity to make a cut in time. To enhance the effect, you can add various attractants to the sealed packaging in which the silicone is stored.

There are different opinions about which rubber is still preferred – “edible” or odorless. Based on my experience, I think it is better when the bait smacks of something attractive to a predator. And if it is not the attractant itself, then faith in it will increase the catch by several fish and help to get away from zero on cool days. The lures are pretty nice to the touch. This is not to say that it is too soft or hard. The density of the material is sufficient to hold it firmly on the hook and at the same time freely flutter, even with slow wiring.

The color gamut gives room for experimentation. Personally, I prefer to use black silicone when fishing. This color is clearly visible to the bottom predator against the blue sky. But at dusk or in cloudy weather I turn to bright green or orange shades. My preferences are due to long-term observations of the behavior of fish in those places where I constantly fish. If you don’t know what color to catch, or if you are in an unknown reservoir, then try different color options, from natural to poisonous, since the reasonable price and LureMax range allow this.


Beauty is beauty, and the performance of rubber is tested in practice, not in packaging. Therefore, I want to devote a few lines to my fishing, on which I experimented with LureMax. For the installation of silicone baits, I have not used jig heads for a long time, and I only fish on a cheburashka with an offset hook, I use Saikyo offset machines, because they are of high quality and can be used for any bait. This option allows you to make more distant casting and apply not only classic jig wiring. On mobile installation, you can diversify the style of the game by playing with the bait at the bottom. This increases the chances of bite, especially in the absence of a current, and our river pike perch is strongly attached to it. If there is no traction, then there will be no bite. Here, skill plays a decisive role: when some have not seen bite, experienced anglers return to the shore with a catch.

The fish showed itself in the first casts. A pike perch was hung up on the nozzles offered to her with greed, almost completely swallowing the bait. After the return of several undershots back into the water, he decided to change the parking spot. Let the kids grow up, and I’d better look for larger specimens. I had to drop anchor and move closer to the fairway about fifty meters. And in the depths I was already waiting for a surprise in the form of a large perch. Catching it is no less pleasant than zander. He attacks eagerly, with a blow that is clearly transmitted to the hand through the rod form. This fighter also resists briskly. But keep in mind that the lips of the "striped" are delicate and break when forced forging. To prevent this, loosen the friction clutch of the inertialess coil. This will allow you to extinguish jerking fish and prevent it from coming off the hook.

The bite lasted about fifteen minutes, and as soon as it bloomed, everything calmed down. After changing the green vibro-tails to their favorite black ones, after some time they managed to catch a couple more zander with perches. For an objective assessment, baits of other manufacturers that were stored in my fishing box were used. Undoubtedly, there were bites on them. But the main catch still fell on LureMax products.


"Edible" silicone baits LureMax is a high-quality working rubber, which proved to be good in test trials. The material of the product does not break after the first bites and allows you to work with the bait further. A wide range and color scheme make it possible to experiment on ponds. The collection has options with positive buoyancy, which is relevant when used in various installations, such as a retractable leash and more. A reasonable price for products pleasantly surprises, considering that baits are consumables. Someone may ask: “Why LureMax? Why not buy the so-called “brand originals”? Why not take another silicone bait? "But then I ask a counter question:" Do you want to pay more for the same quality, the same effect, the same result? Buy bait that also catches, but at a high price? ”In any case, you choose. After several productive fishing trips, I made my choice. Today, for me, LureMax is that middle ground "catch-price-quality." Ahead are still waiting for experiments with microjig, I will try to catch artificial bloodworm with maggot, but this is already material for another article.


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