Overview of deep-sea wobblers for the autumn pike

Overview of deep-sea wobblers for the autumn pike

Strike Pro Small Supersonic 60L

Floating, length 60 mm, weight 7 g. Of all the Strike Pro deep-sea wobblers tested, this seems to be the most universal and suitable for the widest range of conditions. Due to its relatively short length, the wobbler is equally well suited for pike fishing, especially medium-sized ones, and for hunting perch and pike perch. The manufacturer offers a wide range of colors, the amount of realistic and fantasy is approximately equal. In practice, in the water bodies of the Moscow Region, the A06 painting has proved itself well – the wobbler of this color is shown in the photo. When catching perch, the A17 color turned out to be very “catchy”, reminiscent of the well-known FireTiger with a signature eyelet that adorns many Strike Pro lures.

The wobbler is equipped with two VMC brand No. 8 tees, their quality is not satisfactory. The rattle available at the bait is quite loud, high-frequency, capable of attracting fish from a considerable distance. The flight qualities of the "super-sonic" are quite common for lures of similar weight and size: it does not differ in super-long range, but there is nothing to complain about. Announced by the manufacturer, the depth of the bait is 1.5-2.5 meters. In practice, when fishing with a spinning reel, it is unlikely to drive it deeper than two meters. But the wobbler goes quickly to this depth, thereby allowing to increase the working area of ​​the wiring. The game is active even at low wiring speeds. The wobbler stably works on the course, without falling into a tailspin.

Recommendations The main technique for animating the bait is to uniformly post at a not very high speed, especially if the fish is inactive. It will be very good if, during posting, the wobbler touches the bottom several times with the shoulder blade, raising dregs and getting a little off the beat of the game. The wobbler is also suitable for searching for a predator, especially perch, in the water column. He showed himself well when fishing in locked places, where the depth was 2.5-3 meters: when posting, the wobbler goes near the rubble, luring the fish out of the shelter.

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A fairly serious drawback of all StrikePro wobblers is the lack of a model name on the packaging. For example, the name “supersonic” was found only on the official website of the company, on the very box with the bait it was only indicated that it was Model Number EG-081L. Therefore, it will be difficult to tell fishermen about the catching bait without showing it: there are hardly any spinning men who remember at least a small part of the wobbler's articles of this company. The same problem with the designation of the color of the bait, but here it will be easier for the buyer: nothing unusual in the colors of the wobblers has been noticed, they are quite amenable to description.

A-elita Vib 70

Sinking, length 70 mm, weight 21 g. This series of baits is known to many spinning players for its "younger brother" – A-elita Vib 50, which has proven itself in catching small perch. This model can be called a bait for the purposeful catching of large fish – a trifle is unlikely to interest it. With a length of 70 millimeters, the wobbler is heavy enough, which imposes certain restrictions on the gear used and fishing conditions. If for lighter rattlins of this size it is quite possible to use tackle of a light class, then a rod with dough up to 30-40 grams will be preferable here. The choice of colors of this bait is not too large, although the assortment includes “teasing” and realistic colors. However, this is not so critical for a deep-sea bait. Unlike most analogues, the wobbler is quite “plump”, not like other rattlins, flattened from the sides. The bait is equipped with two hooks No. 6, which, in my opinion, are not enough for a wobbler of this size. Therefore, it is better to replace them with something larger and sharper. The optimal size is No. 4 according to international classification. The wobbler is equipped with a rattle of several balls.

Due to the combination of large mass with rather modest dimensions, the wobbler turned out to be very long-range, therefore, with coastal fishing, it can be used to catch a significant area of ​​water. But at the same time, it imposes restrictions on the depth and speed of the current at the place of fishing. To conduct it at a shallow depth, and even in still water, while maintaining a speed that is acceptable for catching fish, is practically unrealistic: the bait quickly begins to plow the bottom. Therefore, you have to either increase the speed, which is not always desirable, or choose deeper places for fishing. Before fishing, it is very useful to look at a wobbler game in a convenient place and evaluate at what speed of posting it generally appears. Due to the peculiarities of the body shape of this rattlin, this does not happen immediately.

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Recommendations Best of all, this bait proved to be on the rivers when catching coastal pits, channel edges and other bottom irregularities. For stagnant water, in my opinion, it is still somewhat heavy. The best wiring is uniform, preferably near the bottom. Despite the good protection of the rattlins from hooks, one should not get carried away with step wiring with touching the bottom bait. If there is a desire to perform precisely stepped wiring, then it is better to make steps with a fishing rod, without stopping the line winding.

Strike Pro Magic Minnow 100

Floating, length 100 mm, weight 13.5 g. According to the information on the package, this is “Model Number EG-68B”. Magic Minnow 100 is a representative of deep-sea minnow. Fishing for baits of this class is not very popular yet, but in many situations they may be more catchy than traditional baits or jig baits. This can be especially pronounced now, during the transition of fish from summer to autumn behavior, when it is already moving to winter parking places, but at the same time continues to respond to actively playing baits, including jerking ones.

The color range of this model is very diverse, fantasy colors prevail. In the middle lane, the natural colors A010, A53 and 146 showed themselves well (this color is shown in the photo), there is also information about the catchability of the baits of this model with Red Head (022) coloring. The wobbler is equipped with two VMC brand No. 2 tees. One of the features of the bait is that it is equipped with very powerful winding rings, including a nose ring, which will be difficult to replace with a lighter one. However, due to the solid dimensions of the bait, the presence of additional loading in the form of a metal leash practically does not affect the game. The wobbler is equipped with a rattle of several metal balls.

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Unlike ordinary mine-wobblers, this bait has a very active game of its own, which makes it possible to use a large number of wiring options from slow uniform to aggressive twitching. Nevertheless, two types of animation turned out to be the best: slow uniform posting when the wobbler periodically hits the bottom with a shovel, and "slow" twitching with pauses of 1-2 seconds and slow winding of the fishing line. In this case, the bait goes at a depth of about 2.0-2.5 meters. When twitching, the wobbler moves with a large amplitude, deviating from the motion path by almost 90 °.

Recommendations With this wobbler it is good to catch coastal edges, dumps, streamers and other depth differences in search of a large predator. Like the previous model from Strike Pro, it is well suited for catching snags, but here already those that are at a depth of 3-4 meters will be covered. In general, the Magic Minnow 100 is a very good wobbler for finding pike at depths of two to four meters. When wiring, the wobbler has serious resistance, which must be considered when choosing gear. It is advisable to use a tough fishing rod with a bait test of up to about 30-40 grams and a reel of 3000-4000 numbers according to the classification of Daiwa or Shimano, and even better a multiplier.

author Alexey VETROV

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