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Overview of casting spinning for jerks and jigs

A small video review of the powerful Jerk fishing rod Surf Master Bakuma Cast from our expert. Universal casting spinning for contact types of fishing: heavy jig, light jerk, twitch.

Advantages of Surf Master Bakuma Jerk Rod:

– allows you to use heavy and voluminous baits; Balanced blank of high modulus carbon fiber quick action, allows for accurate and long casts.

– withstands increased loads, allows you to fish "through the grass" and cope with fish of any size;

– Equipped with low-profile lightweight reinforced access rings Kujira XR for fishing with strong braided cords;

– the load on the blank is optimally distributed, thanks to the arrangement of rings according to New Guide System technology.

High wiring sensitivity is maintained. Ergonomic neoprene handle provides a secure grip, which is important in the fight against trophies.


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