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Outboard motor – flour of choice. How to buy a good PLM?


                    Which boat motor to choose?
                    Two-stroke or four-stroke motor?

                    Pluses of two-stroke engines
                    Cons of two-stroke engines
                    Advantages of a four-stroke motor
                    Cons of four-stroke engines.

                    Count the benefits
                    General conclusions and tips

Choosing a boat motor is a very difficult task. After all, not only a good mood for fishing, a catch, but also safety on the water depends on its correct and stable work.

Which boat motor to choose?

The choice of PLM (outboard motor) should be treated very responsibly. Carefully weigh the pros and cons. Consult with more experienced water motorists who had real experience in repair and maintenance of both the two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

Any fisherman, faced with the choice of motor, solves for himself a few difficult questions.

Which motor to buy:

Push pull.
Four stroke.

New Japanese.
Used Japanese.
New Chinese.

It would seem that the choice is obvious, go to the store and buy yourself a new Japanese motor under warranty and all problems are solved! Eh, if everything was so simple, then this note would not have appeared here.

Our desires do not always coincide with opportunities, and because of this, many problems sometimes arise.

Two-stroke or four-stroke motor?

First you need to clearly understand and understand the advantages and disadvantages of both types of devices.

Pluses of two-stroke engines


The first and most important advantage of these motors is that they are cheaper than their counterparts in 4 stroke performance.

Simplicity of construction, indestructibility.

Even if you didn’t buy a new motor, and something went wrong in it, you will spend much less money and effort on repairs than repairing a 4-stroke unit. Duplicate parts for the two-stroke now you can pick up from the new "copies" produced in China.

Demanding on the quality of gasoline and oil.

Most 2-stroke engines – carburetor (if we are not talking about such engines as Évinrude, Jonson and some models of Tohatsu), are arranged quite simply. Able to better digest low-quality gasoline. This advantage usually plays a role in the remote corners, the taiga. Where there are problems with high-quality fuel and it is diluted do not understand what. In a large metropolis it is leveled by the stable quality of fuel at gas stations.

Weight of the motor.

Due to the simplicity of the design, such motors weigh less than their more complex counterparts. This may have a decisive role when you choose a motor for a PVC boat, a mobile kit, and you have to carry it on yourself. In addition, the total weight of the vessel is always better to ease – this also affects fuel consumption.

Traction at the start.

A 2-stroke engine is more agile from the start and better picks up, takes the boat to a gliding position.

On this, perhaps, the pros and ends.

Cons of two-stroke engines

Greater fuel and oil consumption.

2-stroke engines consume more gasoline than 4-stroke engines, and in addition to this they require mixing gasoline with oil to lubricate the cylinders, which leads to additional costs. Oil is not the cheapest. These are the two most important and significant drawbacks of these units.

Table of fuel consumption of two-stroke engines


2-stroke engines pollute the environment much more, so in developed countries they are subject to high taxes, or they are generally forbidden to operate.

Noisy, hard work, especially at low revs.

2 tactics usually emit more noise than their 4 stroke brothers. If you catch trolling or move constantly at low speeds, you better abandon such an acquisition.

It is worth noting that the 3-cylinder engines work softer and less noisy than their 2-cylinder 2-stroke counterparts. Two-stroke engines come in as one carburetor, two and three. With the system of automatic mixing of oil (automix) and more often without it, which also complicates the design. There are additional items for breakage and repair. Pay attention to the simplicity and simplicity of the design when buying, if you want to reveal this plus a two-stroke engine in action.

Two-stroke motor incision.

Advantages of a four-stroke motor

Fuel consumption.

The main and most powerful argument in favor of choosing a 4-stroke engine is its low fuel consumption. But it is necessary to take into account, the injection is a motor or carburetor. Older carburetor engines are not much more economical than their two-stroke friends. Personally, I do not see the point in buying an old carburetor 4-stroke engine. I do not need a complex, heavy construction, with questionable fuel economy. If you already buy a 4-stroke engine, then it should be with fuel injection to fully reveal all the advantages of this class of engines. But you can argue with me in the comments and try to prove the opposite;)

I will not carry out specific figures, they are different for different engines, manufacturers and operating modes, but the savings are quite substantial. Especially it plays a crucial role if you are constantly on the water and winding so many hours.

Comparison of fuel consumption of two and four-stroke PLM Yamaha

Less noisy in operation. Better cope with work at low revs.

Lovers of trolling and silence is recommended.

Less harmful to the environment.

Few people think about this, but this is so.

Cons of four-stroke engines.

Price is the main drawback.

Due to the complexity of the design, 4-stroke motors are more expensive.

PLM Yamaha device

The complexity of the design and expensive repairs.

Spare parts for a 4-stroke engine are more expensive, in general, and it is more difficult to find them in stock than from two-stroke engines.

Before buying, open catalogs, price lists, look at the prices of consumables, filters, pumps, injectors, and more. Perhaps prices will unpleasantly surprise you. Compare them with consumables for two-stroke engines. Once again, recalculate the depreciation and estimate the cost of repair, if something goes wrong with your PLM.

Requirements for the quality of gasoline and octane.

Count the benefits

When buying, you need to estimate how much you roll in during the motochase season. Translate to fuel consumption. Compare, perhaps, the difference in the price of engines, you can buy a thousand gallons of gasoline, which you have enough for several seasons, thereby eliminating the excessive consumption of a two-stroke unit. For example, let's say, 100,000 rubles is the difference in the price of an engine, which is almost 2,500 liters of fuel. How much gasoline will be enough for you, and when will you start to win by saving 4 stroke engine? But do not forget to calculate the cost of oil for a two-stroke at the rate of 1 l of oil per 50 l of gasoline. The four-stroke engine also requires an oil change to the crankcase once a season, and of course, it can eat up, especially used ones, so this also needs to be taken into account.

Honda PLM device

General conclusions and tips

In general, without going into details, the general tips are as follows. If you do not agree with my conclusions – write your comments, discuss, add the article together;)

It is advisable to make a purchase of a 4-stroke motor, if you spend a lot of time on the water, roll out a lot of hours. Then, fuel consumption will eventually beat off its price and depreciation.

The benefit of buying a 4-stroke engine will be noticeable when talking about powerful engines, ranging from 50-60 hp, then you will notice a difference in fuel consumption, and the savings may already be significant if you often go out on a boat.

If you choose a motor for a PVC boat in the range of 8-20 hp, or some kind of mobile aluminum / plastic boat kit. I personally do not see the point of buying a 4-stroke engine, at least by the fact that it weighs more than its similar in power "brother." Why should I carry extra weight on myself? And the difference in fuel consumption at such facilities is not so significant that you feel a serious benefit and beat off the price difference between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke design when buying. Unless you're a fan of trolling.

If you are not under pressure, you need a powerful 50+ hp motor, and you can afford to buy a new motor – take the 4th tactician under warranty and enjoy its work for many years. Take care, do MOT on time, take care of it, and it will serve you for a long time. And in case of any problems, they will come out, most likely, in the first season of your friendship, and you will be able to fix them under warranty without hitting much money.

If you are constrained in finances and choose a used engine, at least very seriously think about whether you should take a 4-stroke engine in an incomprehensible state and for the last money. Many people buy such motors, and then they invest half the cost (not counting the nerves, time and energy, while they bring it into working view). If you are confident in the history and performance of such an aggregate, you know the seller, this may make sense. But buying from a stranger, and God forbid from Vladivostok on the Internet salt motor, you are almost certainly doomed to problems. Remember one simple rule – “good engines are not cheap.” Therefore, if you are not ready to invest your strength and money in the repair of a 4-stroke engine, consider a two-unit unit better. It is easier to bring in a decent condition and it will cost you less. And on the difference of the investment you can buy yourself a lot of gasoline and oil, to level the expense. Ride a couple of seasons, save money and buy a fresh 4-stroke injection engine.

Look for a used engine dealer that you bought in the region and did not see salt. There are few such motors and their living constructions are immediately disassembled like hotcakes, most often between acquaintances and friends. If such a motor is not sold for a long time and got into the ads, it should be treated with special attention.

If you buy a motor for a PVC boat or another small boat, on which you will travel several times a season on weekends, I personally do not see any crime in acquiring a new Chinese unit. I have a positive experience with such motors. And it is for small runs I can well recommend Chinese counterparts (there should have been an advertisement :). Now they are going quite decent qualities and have a lot of positive feedback on the forum. It is possible that they have a slightly lower resource and quality of the metal, but they are new and under warranty, and if you don't use them often, you will hardly work out their entire lifespan.

Over time, there are a lot of stereotypes about the correct choice of motor. Many people think that the choice is always only for 4-stroke engines, others believe that Chinese engines do not have the right to life at all … Usually such harsh statements are the fruit of the judgment of the sofa captains;) The choice is always very difficult and ambiguous, everything has its price, which has to be paid, and sometimes very considerable.

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