Opening of the winter season at the Lake

Opening of the winter season at the LakeThis year we opened the ice fishing season not very successfully: perch and even rotan were badly bite. We placed all our hopes in large bodies of water and looked forward to the ice getting strong enough on them too. And on December 19, my friend and I went to the Ozerninsky reservoir in the Bay of Buninsky. Familiar places, one might say native. And the ice there always rises early. While approaching, we saw on the ice the first "penguins". They sit like everywhere – that means the ice is normal. Going fast – and into battle. This time they decided to concentrate solely on running fishing, so they did not take the lanterns with them. Igor mainly catches on the balancer. I prepared two fishing rods with balancers and one each with a "bastard" and a large "goat". To begin with, we are going to a proven brow in the hope of seducing a pike. In our desire, we were not alone. Throughout the visible space here and there stood zergelis. And the people all fit and fit …

Having found a small piglet free of zerglyats, we proceed to fishing. The joyful expectation of a bite is replaced by a slight disappointment. It doesn’t bite … It’s true that a small pike was caught at the zerlitsa next door. But that’s all. Carefully catch the brow, change the bait – to no avail. Well, with the pike it didn’t work out, let's go to the shore for a perch. I remove a powerful fishing rod with a pike balancer and get a bulge and a goat. It’s somehow more reliable with them. I start with a goat. Performing a classic goat game, wide and fast. On the third hole, there is a clear clip – and the first one-hundred-percent perch this season jumps on ice. I move through the holes. But there are no more bites. I'm trying a bastard. A bite follows on one of the holes – a small perch took securely, both hooks in the mouth.

Then silence again, and again we decide to move. In the distance, at a famous perch point, we see a group of anglers. They usually catch locals, but they will not be gathered in vain. I immediately went to them, and Igor decided so far to check the pretty snag. The locals are really not bored. Here and there, small perches are being pulled out. Of course, the fish is small, but for the soul yearned for bites, just right. Stepping a little to the side, I drill a few holes. I start with the bulldozer and in the second hole I fall on the perch. The nibble is brisk. It’s worth the bulda to hit the bottom, as the next bite follows. Perch is not larger than 100 g, but fun! However, soon the bites suddenly cease, which is quite typical for the bastard. But the perch is clearly still here. I'm trying a goat. Bites begin immediately. And surprisingly, there are a lot of bites on lowering the bait. The bites are so greedy that the goat every time in the gills. I catch a few pieces, and the bite again abruptly stops.

Well, I get a fishing rod with a three-perch balance beam and 0.18 mm fishing line. This time the bite does not start right away. I raise the balancer from the bottom step by step, straighten up to full height, raise my hand up and finally get a bite. A very small perch comes across. Gently send the balancer to the bottom, trying to "lower" the perch. I'm playing at the bottom. There are a lot of bites, but perches are very small. Bigger goats and goats were caught. I try to return to them – and again I catch a few hundred-gram perch. So I continue, constantly alternating bait. Nibble is getting worse, but no, no, and it bites. On the bulldozer much less than in the morning, but the goat works stably. Igor in the neighborhood also takes a damn. But the perch has the same caliber.

In the meantime, it's midday. The first fervor was brought down, we decide to wander again. We begin to move along the reach, catching promising places. Bites are extremely rare. Now I mainly catch perch balance. I presume that the bass will hit it anyway, and then I will add it to the goat. Time is running out, and in the end I decide to check out one interesting place: this is a short but sharp edge from 3 to 6 meters, and grassy shallow water nearby. The place is very promising, but it does not always work. Last season, the point was silent on open water.

Several fishermen have also settled here, there are lanterns around, but the ledge I need seems to be free. I punch a series of holes, lower the balancer .. Finely, two meters in total. I check the rest of the holes – everywhere stranded. Apparently, he missed. I move about twenty meters and again do a series of holes. Now it's normal: I just hit the dump. I check two holes – nothing, I sit on the third, the deepest. I make seven swings and pause to register a bite: a nod flinched a couple of times and a light blow passed into my hand. Usually this is a small perch. I’m hooking. Oops! Hook! And it seems dead. About ten seconds I try to release the balancer.

finally the hook succumbed. It feels like I caught a network. It’s going hard, but it’s going. I raise the meter by three, the resistance increases, and suddenly a jerk follows! As they say, the hook came to life! Fish – it is now clear that this is fish – quickly picks up the fishing line and rises at the bottom. Thoughts rush through my head: “Who is this? Pike? But the balancer is small, the fishing line is thin, there is no leash. No, the pike would probably have bitten off already. Zander? In this place he was never caught. Maybe the bream is aggro or carp? That could be it. ” Meanwhile, I gently pull up the fish. I peer into the hole with tension. A characteristic silhouette flickers in the depths. It seems, after all, a pike, and it seems to be not bad. Immediately rolls calm: anyway, now bite off.

And the fish begins to fight seriously. The fishing line whistles away between the fingers, with a nasty clanking gallop along the edges of the hole. One has only to regain a couple of meters, as the fish immediately takes them back. I don’t notice time, but suddenly I understand that my knees are numb. The struggle is long and hard, but so far there is nothing extraordinary. It is even strange that it is not possible to bring the fish to the hole. And here comes the REAL leap. On the verge of a cliff, I try to hold back the fish – from there! The fishing line flies out in an instant. I’ve got a fishing rod without a reel, and you can’t turn in a fishing line quickly. Cursing to myself, I hold the fish almost on the whip, and my hand stretches into the hole against my will. I clearly understand that now there will be a cliff. But, fortunately, the rival turned around. I manage to pick up a little fishing line. And it all starts all over again.

Voices are heard from behind: the neighbors finally noticed my struggle.
– What do you have here?
– It seems that he caught a pike, and not bad!
– A kilogram for three, only it will bite off or cut off anyway.

One of those who approached – it is immediately obvious: experienced – quickly assessed the situation and threw four fishing lines from the reel of my fishing rod. Thank you so much! It got easier. Now the struggle takes place under the friendly advice of interested viewers. No, all the same, the knees are numb … We are reaching back and forth, but it seems like fish is being served. A pike tail flashes in the hole.
– Clear! – I inform the audience. “I, it seems, caught her by the tail, and therefore I can’t get her out.”
Here follows another powerful jerk, and again I surrender almost all the fishing line. “There are exactly three kilograms.” This time it’s a little easier to win back the fishing line. A pike head appears in the hole for a moment. I do not have time to grab. The fish leaves again.
– And nobody has a crimson?
The answer is negative. We fight further. The head and wide side reappear in the hole. Trying to grab my head, but the pike slips out. “Yes, it looks like there will be four kilograms, and it seems not for the tail,” I note to myself.

And the pike stopped running. Now she, like som, is trying to lie low. With great difficulty, at the risk of breaking, I lift it. A short struggle, and again she gets up. I try to move, it does not work. The fishing line goes under the ice and to the side. It seems that it “stuck” to the ice – a purely bream technique. I pull to the limit – not from a place. Once again … it seems like she went, she went … And now she gets up under the hole. Gently I bring my hand under the gills. Got it! And then it began, and I felt its real strength. With great difficulty holding the fish, I felt like cutting fingers on her gills. I almost turned out. Well, the ice is thin – it was possible to put a second hand into the hole and grab the fish more reliably. Somehow he turned and led into the hole. He began to pull out and only then understood why he had struggled with it for so long. Just the pike was very big. I didn’t have a bite of fishing line, because I fell under the lower jaw.

Then release the bloodied hand from captivity. Attempts to stop the blood. The emotions of the audience, the inspection of the fishing line – is it really 0.18? – the version about the weight of the trophy and in conclusion the words of one of the fishermen: “Oh, it's a pity that no one will believe anyway!” Pike pulled 6900 g with a length of 87 cm. Igor bandaging my arm around the car, predicted:
– Now you won’t catch anything on the balancer for a long time – the limit has been reached!
I will hope that he is mistaken …

author Alexey BARINOV


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