One fish

Probably worth confessing honestly: I absolutely do not understand how to persuade such a passive trout. In addition, the long absence of full-fledged fishing practice, of course, cannot but affect the final result, but still I planned to fight in any situation until the end, otherwise why is it all? Sleepless nights, hundreds of kilometers of travel – all for the sake of one of the most unpredictable and beautiful fish on the planet. And it is precisely those who, in the shortest possible time, will be able to find the right key, will not only receive prizes from a regular partner of the Kosadaka club, but will also be able to get a chance to win a ticket to a more significant competition, so there are simply no weak opponents. Last weekend, the final 3rd qualifying tournament of the Saratov Trout League “Trout Team 64” was held, for the right to participate in the autumn stage of one of the country's most prestigious tournaments – Pal Trout season 2019.

Water Reports: One Fish

1st round

An unexpected -2 ​​degrees for the end of September, of course, forced to make adjustments not only to the equipment, but also to gear in general. A rival from Moscow starts fishing with silicone, when I, by tradition with lures – my best lure this season when catching Lucky John Juna chub, in a bright acid color and weight of 3.5 grams, was planned to be transferred to a trout wallet, and … Bite from the first cast, but unfortunately by! I did not even have time to pick up the speed of the necessary wiring, but on the next cast, there was already a more confident implementation, and the most offensive meeting in front of the hedger. Opponent, meanwhile, does not make such mistakes and confidently realizes his first fish. Having gathered my thoughts, I ignore all those numerous “bites” that followed almost one after another, and finally I wait for a confident attack and compare the score. But after changing sides, I completely lose the thread of the game, the right horizon and understanding of the working bait. And the opponent confidently bends his line on silicone and adds two more spotted ones to his asset, thereby earning three victory points.

Water Reports: One Fish

2 round

Having made certain conclusions after the first round, and breaking through various horizons with the help of spinners, I quickly switch to rubber, sorting out the necessary head weight and the correct game of the bait. Samarets, to my great joy, merges his only fish, leaving me a chance to earn my first point in the piggy bank, as it actually turned out on the basis of the tour. The only thing that was remembered for this period: Light movements of the larva from Dunaev in the near-bottom layer, a signal sounds about the end of the tournament, and immediately there follows a lightning attack, which I did not expect for obvious reasons. Maybe the key is found?

Water Reports: One Fish

3 round

The only fish caught was on the account of an athlete from the city of Saratov, when I tried to understand at least something and catch on even the smallest thread leading to the fish. As a result: Defeat, and very deserved. In addition, apparently, it will be necessary to take into account the nuances of the weather, which probably affected the activity of the fish – the sun, which had warmed up after the morning minus, was already hidden behind the clouds, and the wind more and more reminded all athletes of its presence.

4 round

The rivals are the friendly city of Volgograd, and the complete mutual absence of even the slightest hint of contact with the spotted one. Toward the close of the curtain, as it seemed, I managed to cling to the topic: Forest Pal baubles 3.8 – the slowest game at the very bottom, and the fish began to escort to the very bridges. But all this, as it seemed, lost all meaning, because in front of us there was a ripening and a break.

Water Reports: One Fish

5 round

The weather, as well as my own mood, completely deteriorated: In the rivals, one of the constant and steadily falling into the strongest 8 Pal Palout participants of the last two years, from which I immediately morally agreed with the defeat prepared for me in advance. But, as you know, "once a year, and the stick shoots!" Where in the role of this "stick", I actually acted. We start with exactly the same lures in the same colors – this is Forest Pal 3.8 in MC4 color, and the opponent immediately hints at the veracity of my thoughts: on the second cast, he merges trout, almost to the point. And here, surprisingly, I was absolutely calm – continuing to bend my line, slowing down the wiring as much as possible on the verge of failure, and the first fish did not keep itself waiting. There was a nervousness: Am I still leading 1-0? The enemy switches to silicone, but I am more persistent: two more fish, and the smell of the first victory becomes more saturated. Changing the kit: Nories Masukuroto spinner came in handy! A flurry of squally wind along with the rain finally killed the fish’s activity, but nevertheless the change of bait really worked and I add two more fish to my asset: As a result, a confident victory 5: 0

Water Reports: One Fish

6 round

The understanding that the “stick” had already fired once, and almost certainly that there would not be a second time, came right away. Three casts of baubles to make sure the truth of my own thoughts, and I switch to rubber. But … What to put in order to really surprise the fish? I decided to follow the principle of what everyone else does not have: A new trout series of silicone from Kosadaka, in the manner of the well-known TZ, in this case, the Array model in bright yellow, but with the lightest head. An opponent from Balakovo does not realize his only fish, thereby distracting me from the nuances of posting, and unexpectedly for myself, I feel the first bite. Cold, nerves, carelessness and too early cutting … Okay! The first contact is already good! The main thing is to repeat everything that caused genuine interest in the fish! A few active jerks in the upper layers, and a pause of a couple of seconds, giving the worm to play in the fall … Already approaching at a distance of visibility, I notice how the worm abruptly changes course, floating away from me into the neighboring zone, undercutting and again “past”. OK OK! I repeat the same thing, only with more detailed control of the wiring is the first and eventually winning fish!

Water Reports: One Fish

7 round

A chance to get into the playoffs began to appear on the horizon, with the condition that in the next two rounds I would earn 4 points, but … The only idle bite on the bait that completely confused me with all the cards. There was a feeling that in this sector, as if there were no fish at all.

Water Reports: One Fish

8 round

In the rivals, one of the most famous athletes of big fishing sports is Vasily Chertkov, a participant in the big boat Pal, who was absolutely at all stages from the very beginning of the tournament. But, again, the mutual feeling that the fish seemed to be gone! I recall a topic found in the fourth round, but it was already too late – the fish was really present at the very bottom, but I still did not pick up the necessary wiring for silicone, and it simply escorted the bait to the bridges. As a result: again, only one point …

Water Reports: One Fish


The most annoying thing is that really only one fish was missing. Yes, perhaps this was the case with many athletes left overboard the playoffs, but still: what if? Suddenly the treasured "stick" would shoot more than once? Congratulations to the winners – you are really the best, and you have proved this by the results of three qualifying stages for the autumn Pal Trout tournament! A deep bow to the winners, who with their ingenuity really deserve the prizes provided by Kosadaka, where, among other things, the new Trout Area series of trout silicone was presented, which I managed to catch at all. Well, to the participants: Thank you for an interesting fight, and see you at the next tournaments!

Water Reports: One Fish

Thank you for your attention! No tail, no scales!


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