Ob Zaruba – the story of the first person


                    How did the idea of ​​a tournament come about?
                    What principles ultimately formed the basis of the Ob notch?
                    How were these principles implemented?
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Dmitry Pankin, the creator and mastermind of the tournament, the permanent administrator of the site FishingSib and just a cool fisherman, explains the principles on which the success of the Ob fence is built.

How did the idea of ​​a tournament come about?

In general, at that time, it is 2016-2017, there was some feeling that we in the region lack an interesting boating tournament in spinning fishing. The fashion for such events has already massively captured the European part of our country, and there was a persistent feeling that something similar should be urgently done beyond the Urals. Communicating with active athletes, representatives of the fishing business, I saw that this was not only my personal opinion, but nobody until a certain point understood what this competition should be in our conditions, and how to make it really popular.

At the start

In the photo: the start of the participants Ob Obru 2018

There were many attempts to hold tournaments, some were successful. But the feeling of incompleteness was all the same. Some events lacked scale; others lacked stability; others lacked interesting prizes, strict rules or sporting excitement. The difficulty was to put everything together in a beautiful and smooth puzzle. It now seems that everything is simple, and before the first Zaruba there were many more questions than answers.

That is, there was some kind of spirit, a sense of the need for a tournament, for several seasons there was talk about the idea of ​​a competition. But what and in what format to do, no one understood. And I did not understand. But at a certain point, following the results of the conversations, and maybe something else, a sensible concept of a tournament began to appear in my head.

What principles ultimately formed the basis of the Ob notch?

First, there must be a serious prize, at least for the first place. The one for which I would like to fight.

Secondly, there must be a video recording of the catch, which excludes any juggling in the results.

The third principle – entertainment in terms of large fish, but with the observance of possible respect for nature. As strange as it sounds.


In the photo: participant Ob Obrub 2018 with captured pikes

How were these principles implemented?

With video fixation, the issue was solved simply – by that time, many had already appeared action cameras. At the same time, we did not demand to shoot the entire tour continuously. It was enough to photograph only the daunting and marking of the fish. That is, theoretically, the issue of video recording could be closed even with an inexpensive smartphone.

Next – prizes. An agreement was reached with potential partners, first of all, of course, our friends who agreed to support the event. And they continue to do it to this day. A vivid example is Reka. Their boat as the main prize is already the third time. This year, the company has additionally manufactured special catch bags. The Relax brand is also with us from the very beginning of this story, as it believes that participation in Zarub is one of the ways to hold positions in the market of silicone lures in the region.

We are grateful to all the permanent sponsors who annually join us in the tournament. And they are grateful to us. For example, the company "Pathfinder" participates in Zaruba again and says that the event gives it a brand awareness and good mood. Leader, a manufacturer of leads, is also with us again, because it sees in the tournament a resource for increasing brand awareness and positive communication with colleagues.


In the photo: the first winners of the first Ob

The next item – entertainment, plus a relatively careful attitude to nature. Relative – because in fact we still kill fish, although we try to reduce the amount of damage, introducing a nomination for a live catch and a limit on the number of fish accepted for offset (only five, and no more than three of them are of the same type).

In other words, we are now confident that even if the fisherman is a good young man, he has found a place, can and can catch a lot, he will not bring five dead pikes ten kilos to us, because it is really not very good for nature.

Live fish

In the photo: PVC bag for transporting the live catch and the process of receiving the live catch.

These concepts were originally used as the basis for the first Zaruba and were liked by both fishermen and sponsors (many of which, by the way, also put their teams into the tournament).

Already the third Zaruba is based on these principles and is growing. It grows in all directions – both in the number of participants, and in the number of partners, and in the value of prizes, and in the very attitude to nature, when we encourage fishermen to keep fish alive as much as possible, for which we award in individual nominations (which this year will be already two, with tasty prizes).

Interesting? Join us in info space, follow our news, cheer for our members! And wait for the continuation of the story.

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