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There is the “White Sun of the Desert” and there is the “White Sun of Siberia”. This is when uniform cloud cover, a kind of haze, reaches a density at which the white solar disk looks like the moon at night. The resulting amber illumination is very popular with fish. You can’t explain it sensibly, just observations from fishing to fishing, from coincidence to coincidence. Over time, I noticed when such a sun – everything falls out of hand. I want to give up everything and go fishing like a zombie. After all, in fact, we should not catch when we have a day off, but when we should catch: before sunrise (most fish); the sun and a light breeze creating ripples (perch); the first drops of a drizzling rain, letting, like trifles, circles on the water (pike); sudden gusts of wind in the middle of a quiet night (pike perch), etc.

The watchtower at our boat base is a square structure with a small house upstairs, a river-side bench and floodlights. I sit between the searchlights, crush mosquitoes, wait for a replacement, look at the water. She is tall and muddy. May 26, 1995. The conditions are average, the weather is sunny. The river is empty, despite the first day of the season opening, there were few spinningists then. I handed over the motors, keys, and started at 10 o’clock. On the top of the Cow Island, despite the high level, I noticed a weak groove of the roll, perpendicular to the current. He anchored two hulls higher and made the first cast. Weight 40 grams, swing-out lead and brass spinner with red cambric. The first ide pecked at once, and counted on it. I got off at the side. On such a strong current, the landing net would not hurt, but after the winter it remained at the base in the safe. Two more casts, two ides and two descents. But before driving to the base for the landing net, if I got up on the fish so well, I decided to test an absolutely new bait for myself – a milky-white twister bought at the Champion on Kalinin Square. Gray vibrotails appeared in the city in winter, and performed well in open water in March-April. And the twisters (milky white and translucent pink about 7 cm long) were “thrown out” for sale only by the summer. It was very interesting how the ide would react to this new product. I make the fourth cast, hit again, and then the second candle, the fourth! Taimen, unlike pike perch, loves to jump, writing out eights in the air. We managed to pull it out without landing net and weigh it – 2.2 kg. Thus, the first fish caught with the twister was taimen. He was caught from the first cast, and I thought: a good bait, not yet knowing that a twister, like a Colt in America, would equalize all citizens in rights. If many years before that every spinning player had available sheet metal, templates, punches, steel string, beads, cambric, then after 95, he went to the store, bought “rubbers” and you are a ready spinning player.

In the same year, the first Rybolov store was opened behind the Melodiya store, opposite the Chkalov House of Culture. People appreciated the new assortment: modern, gambling and beautiful outdoor recreation turned out to be no stranger to our mentality, otherwise I had a complex for 15 years, thinking that I was one such freak. Shops began to multiply like mushrooms after rain and enrich life. A new era has come, thank God. With magazines, videos and so on.

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Until then, the milky white color was used for cambric spinning spoons and “cigarettes”. The “cigarette” by its influence on grasping reflexes and increased buoyancy is the predecessor of the modern mandula. Only not sawn into 2-3 parts, but one-generation. When they were made on their own, they were looking for solid varieties of bright white foam. The more affordable yellowish was also used, but did not roll high. The hooks had a red edge. Sometimes in front, through a short cambric and a bead, a rotating petal was added.

The bait of the times of the end of “developed socialism” and the beginning of “developed spinning”.

Analog photomontage, 1982. Coils from left to right: Uralskaya, SKR-120, Nevskaya. In the hands of a working “cigarette”.

1990, a time of change. Opening day of licensed fishing at ObGES. In the middle row Alexander Donin, Volodya Surnov, Sergey Kononov “Kabanchik”. Caught with “cigarettes”.

When fishing for riding perch on baculka, they used short “cigarettes” on short leashes, but not from foam, but from white, thick cambric, so that they sank slightly.

Nowadays, when catching perch on top of a popper, white tassels on hooks are the most advantageous. They can be from the feather of a rooster, from the fur of a goat, from the tail of a polar fox or artificial material, if only milky white.

Perch poppers.

If you put red, black, variegated fur, silver lurex, Christmas tree rain, the effect (number of bites) will be noticeably worse. The streamers in front of the popper can be of any color, usually white-yellow-red. But on it, in a perch fight for fry, pure white are noticeable and work immediately. A similar effect is observed when fishing with a feeder and admitting white fish: ide, bream, roach.

White fish: bream, ide and large roach in Russian, chebak in Tatar, soroga in Siberian.

Millet porridge, which is stuffed into springs as complementary food, has a yellowish tint, but the foam balls on the dark hooks are pure white. When the ide in a hurry on the current collects grains of millet washed out of the trough, it will take the white ball faster than the yellow one, as the most noticeable.

The closer to the Ob, the smoother and straighter the floodplain oxbows. The farther from it, the more winding and tricky they are. Like late cucumbers in the beds, then the bellies will spill, then thinly narrow. The lake beyond Larchikha, where Gennadyich and I climbed, smearing all of its Surf with mud, from the opposite bank rested against a root, pine forest. It had its own bays and capes, more like peninsulas. It was extremely hot, but it did not frighten mosquitoes. In the middle of the long part of the lake, fish gurgled continuously. The small one was clearly red-eyed, and the large splashes clearly belonged to the lines. At least I wanted to think so, where else could they be found, no matter how in this wilderness.

But we came for the pike. We pumped up two boats, each to himself, wetted their shirts and caps, and swam. If you come to an unfamiliar pike lake, then the first bait will be more correct to put a white spoon. In chess this is called “E2-E4” – the first move. Rotary wheel number 3-4 or 10-20 grams, whichever is the swamp. This is what I did. Accurately and accurately processed the most beautiful places with a wide “willow leaf” of 22 grams. Surprised by what was happening, only an hour later caught the first pike per kilogram. Realizing that everything is serious here, the pike is there and is being caught, I changed the oscillator to again a white turntable number 4. Not immediately, but after 20 minutes I caught the same one and then two grams of 300 each, which I let go. In the heat, small fish will deteriorate before you have time to salt it. Seeing such a thing, I increased the size of the petal to number 6. At that moment the sun went down, and I found myself in a small overgrown bay with many large and small windows. In any of them there was a bite, the pike really went berserk. She beat the sixth penny, even if a meter long bundle of grass dragged behind the spoon, which is extremely rare. Trifle immediately flew overboard. For the short twilight I managed to take 5 more pieces, only salted 7. One pulled 1.7 kg. There is such a thing as a “floodplain standard” of a pike lake. It can be 400-600 gr., Or 600-800 gr. Pike, for the most part, is a medium-sized and numerous fish, but when fish from 1 – 1.5 kg are caught, this is a very good floodplain standard. So there are also trophy ones.

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Good floodplain standard. Morning catch.

After a short night, rubbing their hands, they swam in the earliest twilight, but they turned out to be even shorter than evening ones. I snatched only two under a kilogram for yesterday’s spoon. And then the hot sun rose, the biting stopped completely. Even the little thing turned sour. The reservoir died out. Fishing began to seem like an empty occupation, when a pike darted after the mother-of-pearl vibrotail in the third bay, but did not take it. I decided to “finish off” her by all means, constantly changing the bait. On a milky white vibrotail (10 cm with a black back) the pike came out again, but this time it swallowed it whole, although it was 800 grams. Without removing from the anchor, it began to throw windows, where it had previously unsuccessfully thrown other baits. And everywhere there were contacts, the pike was caught in the scorching sun, as if nothing had happened.

Gennadyich’s boat appeared at the other end of the lake. Sharing information with him, he dived into the next bay. For obvious reasons, they decided to go home early, salting the gills and stuffing the belly with grass. Approaching the next green wall of a pine forest, I showed Andrey a distant white sign, – “But our vibro-tails also look good against the background of underwater water.” Having approached closer we read the inscription: “Larchikhinsky timber industry enterprise”.

If you have time, go to the shops and look at the rows of twisters and vibrotails. Look for red, salad, carrot, and white. First with our eyes, then with the eyes of an underwater predator. This is the gaze of the sixth sense, developed by your experience. In both cases, you understand – white is irreplaceable.

White buoys. Where without them, all the time before our eyes. On white buoys you go to the distant lower reaches for the fish of your dreams. If you settle down with donks to the right of them, then the boat will be crushed by the wide, blunt and rusty bow of the first barge. But if to the left of it there are gently sloping sands, then this is an interesting place, which means there is a sharp longitudinal border between the shallow and the depth of the forvay. Even more interesting are the white buoys with black crosses. They enclose rocky outcrops. This suggests that in the vicinity, a little to the left (up to 50 meters) and below (up to 200 meters), there is a rocky rift, which has always been liked by fish. A buoy with crosses and a catchy place is through the equal sign.

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Ivory gulls, like buoys, are visible from afar. If the birds are sitting in droves on the banks, this is not a very good omen. They have their own scouts and when they cannot find anything, then our fishing will be “labor”. With a ghostly perspective. The eternal tea “pillar” in the Novy Zaton area is also deceiving. Too much floating debris and insects are swirling there from the nearby forway. The birds are pushing in a column, as if on a fry. Gulls collect insects separately, hovering low above the surface, from time to time striking with their beak. If the gull “pillar” moves at the speed of the current – this is also not our bird. They hammer something edible for them, such as a bread crust. That is, of course, it is impossible to navigate only by the seagull, but you keep an eye on them, you keep an eye on them constantly, and if the seagull is spinning in one place and continuously “hits with a stake”, diving down with its beak, then the fish there and the bait are needed larger, under last year’s or grown by the fall fry – 5-7 cm. If, in a duck-like manner, it crouches (falls) with its tail, and then pokes its beak, rising sharply again, this is a young of the year. All the fish are there and the size of the imitations is up to 3 centimeters. To the uninitiated person it seems that the bird is spinning randomly. This is possible and happens, but rarely. Somewhere under the ObGES. And so, all behavioral stereotypes are listed, others are not. The latter is a huge white flock of birds flying over the Ob to the south. Unlike geese-cranes, gulls fly away low, quickly and silently. After that, white snow falls on the ground and water. The time has come for a truly winter spinning. The water of the non-freezing Moskva River with snow melted several meters away from its warmth (photographs from magazines) and the icy Ob (the water is open only due to fluctuations of the hydroelectric power station) – these are, as they say in Odessa, two big such differences.

In the ice, opposite the Ob hotel.With Igor “White”. Verkh-Suzun. Igor was the first to use a popper for catching the Ob perch. I love newcomers for the fact that they go to experiments, which you yourself cannot decide due to conservatism

“Three wise men in one basin”: on the left – Volodya Surnov (physical education instructor and head of the hockey section of NETI, the author of the term “Obskaya classics”). In the background is the metro bridge under construction. 1983 year.


To be continued…

Start here. Yellow. Blue.

Respectfully yours, Sergey Shatalov.