Not cool fishing.

Going fishing I meant that this fishing would be less comfortable than many others this season. Weather forecasters have promised today a temperature of about 20 degrees below zero and a slight wind of about 2 m / s, all accompanied by the warm February sun. Already halfway to the place of fishing, this is the village of New Melken, it became clear that weather forecasters, as usual, made a mistake with the forecast, the snow drifting across the road made it clear that fishing today would not be sweet. The weather didn’t scare me even more so in a good winter suit, and didn’t even go home.

Catching perches this time was going to. In order not to waste time studying the color preferences of the fish, he equipped the fishing rod with the SPRUT HIKO # 3 balancer always helping me out in my favorite color SSK-EP.

Here I am on the spot, ends in the water, proceed to catch perches.

My first point on which there were always perches is today not inhabited at all, even on the screen of the echo sounder nor any movements. Strange, in none of the five holes did the fish finder identify any signs of life at all.

I move to the next point, there is no sign of life in the same story, only in one hole the echo sounder showed two whole fish that were interested in the bait, but the fish did not bite. The thought in my head: “What if the proposed color of the bait is not interesting for fish today for some reason?” I decided to change the balancer, to offer the bait in a bright acid color despite a sunny day, anything can happen. And then nothing has changed, the two previously seen fish simply did not deign to return to the hole where they had previously carefully examined the bait he had proposed, or maybe it was a ruff.

Three hours of fishing “down the drain”, and the desire to catch fish is nowhere to go. I decide to visit another place where the fish should definitely be, but it’s about one kilometer to go, and the headwind only intensifies according to the sensations, all 10-12 m / s.

I decided and went about what I regretted halfway, the cold wind turned out to be so cold that my desire to get to an interesting place completely disappeared. By this time, those single fishermen who thought of going fishing today began to pack up and move toward the parking lot, even those who were sitting in the tent. Clearly, the fish are on strike today.

I have not yet frozen and my mood is still fighting, I decide to drill holes where I am standing, and suddenly I’ll be lucky.

In the first hole, the echo sounder showed the presence of fish, and this fish was not only interested in the bait, but even periodically pecked.


It’s a pity only the fish is too small. This perch is perhaps the largest, there were quite frank fry that immediately went to the hole.

The fish that fell on the ice froze in a matter of seconds, like my fingers at the moment of release of the fish from the hook and when trying to photograph it.


Fishing turned into a torture “I want to, but it pricks.” After each fish caught, the hands had to be warmed up, which sometimes dragged on for several minutes.

By lunchtime, there was practically no one left on the ice, and I decided not to sit freezing, but would go to visit my uncle in the village, go to the bathhouse and treat the cats with the perches that I got so hard.

The final photograph of the fish caught may convey what was happening on the ice that day.


Thanks to weather forecasters for their “quality” work, although if I knew the exact forecast I would still go fishing.

That’s all, perhaps, despite the disgusting weather and the disgusting bite of the fish, I’m happy with fishing.

I rested in body and soul, I charged the battery of positive and health 100%.

Thanks for attention.

Regards AlexPi. +

Amanda K. Benson

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