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Not a summer lake

While the weather is fine on the street, although summers are changing winds and rains, you can go and look for a fanged dog. One unpredictable lake decided to visit. In winter, I caught perch well from a hole up to a dozen; in spring, a small pike was also caught and perch from the shore, in the summer in June I tried from the shore and the catch was very modest, almost zero. Even then I thought that I should try to search for a predator from the boat. The boat is pumped up and I am walking on the water through the river into the lake, admiring the beauties. A narrow passage to the lake, where perch is sometimes caught on a jet, and beauty begins pleasing with its calm, in shallow water with grass smoothness and silence, at the depth there is a small ripple. By the way, in such weather it is very easy to read a pond by water.

On the lake there are both deep places with eyebrows up to 11 m and shallow waters overgrown with algae, all these places must be caught. Of course, I started from the depths because I like to catch it with a jig, the eyebrows are different and there should be fish on them. Two productions showed that there are no fish. He began to look for interesting places on the echo sounder, and found on the opposite banks in the middle smooth braids go from the shallow to the depths, the bottom is solid, apparently clay, began to catch them from different directions. It turned out that casts were made across the scythe by first tightening and then pulling the bait, and chose the strontium for pulling so that the bait was in the shade from the sun. On the next posting at the fall from the scythe, there was a TUK, hooking and a little lump posing. After a few idle casts and a change of bait, bite again and again a small pike perch, namely at a depth with a long pause in the fall.

No more poking, although I stood there for a long time in different ways changing my position relative to the braid. Yes, and in principle, having walked along the edge, I no longer received a single bite. Time was already after 10. Then I decided to leave the surface lures in shallow water, and here it was already more fun. On the Sprut Bori 57F and Hikari Pop 3D 65 a small perch was caught which walked and chased the fry in the grass, there were no large sizes and the pike also ignored me today, well, at least I caught a perch for pleasure.

The sun began to bake and even the activity of the perch began to decrease, so there was no point in trying out the striped one and rushed back. Apparently this lake does not work in the summer and the fish here behaves actively in the cold season, which means I will visit in the fall.


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