Nordman Winter Fishing Boots

Nordman Winter Fishing BootsThe winter season is coming to an end, but this year the beginning of March turned out to be unusually frosty, which is very unexpected, especially if you recall the past years. Therefore, when planning a fishing trip, you have to think about good ammunition. This applies to clothing and, in particular, shoes. I had the opportunity to spend the beginning of March at the Estonian championship in fishing for mormyshka. Upon learning that I was going to a competition in this country, one of the shoe manufacturers located in Pskov, namely Pskov-Polymer, producing goods under the Nordman brand, offered me to test their new model. And since our path lay from St. Petersburg through Pskov and it was not difficult to pick them up, I, of course, did not refuse it.

Indeed, it is better to check any equipment in conditions where you do not have the opportunity to improve the situation, and the competitions are perfect here: you are completely focused on fishing and you cannot afford to be distracted, for example, in order to keep warm, and therefore such questions do not should get up in principle. In Estonia we were met by a real Russian winter, and compared with what was here in January, at the previous competition, when there was no snow at all and there was a plus temperature, the sensations were unforgettable. But it was for the test that the weather was what was needed. On the first day in the morning it was about -25 degrees, though almost without wind and with the sun. It was not that difficult to catch, but the holes froze almost instantly and the frost, as they say, bit. All three days that lasted these competitions, the weather was about the same. And I must say, I was not cold; this also applied to the feet on which were new boots.

I got a green Nordman Quaddro model. There are no complaints about the design of the boots. Inside the boot, on the sole, there is a cellular structure of the bottom, which performs two functions: collects condensate and improves thermal insulation. There is also a very dense insole made of linen and polyester, which acts as a heat insulator, and due to its rigidity, wearing boots is very comfortable. For convenience, a small spur is made on the heel back, which is very functional. This model provides two modifications of multilayer liners, stockings. The first is composed of 50% natural wool and is designed up to -50. The second consists of 9 layers, has a hypoallergenic insert and is designed for use in very severe frosts down to -70. The stocking insert has a long cut, which allows people with any full legs to wear these boots. Like any other liner stockings, they need to be dried after each fishing, otherwise the legs will freeze even in light frost.

Like all EVA boots, this model is very light and almost does not feel on the leg, so you can walk in them for as long as you like. This model has the optional presence of spikes made of metal, which reduce the likelihood of slipping on ice. I was not able to fully verify this function during the competition – there was more than enough snow on ice. My curiosity prevailed, and I specifically looked for a cleaned area on ice. It is possible to navigate on clean ice with spikes with great comfort, but they will not make full competition to “cats”. However, on the next fishing spikes helped me a lot. I had to catch on fresh ice, a little powdered with snow. I fished in the Gulf of Finland, caught smelt. Those who are familiar with this fishing know that during biting you have to run a lot between the holes, and doing this on clear ice is very problematic. And here the spikes were fully helped, allowing you to stop in the right place. It is on smelt that this is very important, since there is a lot to “rush” between the holes, you need to stop almost instantly and just as quickly make a jerk to the next hole.

It is worth noting that the sole is made of TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which by itself does not glide much on ice, and thanks to the two-layer structure, the degree of protection against freezing is increased (and completely protects against cuts and punctures), which was tested on this fishing trip. From conversations with the manufacturer, it turned out that the boots are made of DEC material, which is 30% stronger and lighter than EVA, but also elastic. The heel and nose of the boot are additionally reinforced, which reduces the likelihood of a cut or puncture. In general, I was completely satisfied with the new product and will recommend it to my friends.

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