Nightfang Chase

Another outing for night pike perch took place the day before. Based on the data of meteorologists, there are still a couple of summer days in stock, no matter how funny it sounds at the end of July]. We decided to take this moment and after work we went to Kama.

Pond Reports: Nightfang Chase

In general, during the last fishing trials, we are haunted by the “curse of one pike perch”, and it is just like that, we cannot catch more than one pike perch in extreme trips. This time they decided to change their tactics a bit, first toss off familiar places, then gradually catch a couple of new places.

As soon as it began to get dark, I hung up a little bit of lumpiness, the thought of one fish flashed through my head]]]. An hour later, there were no bites in the old places, they decided to catch new ones. At one interesting site, a predator’s battle was noticed, a lantern was turned on, and the water simply boiled from the jumping fry.

We went over our entire arsenal of lures, we didn’t see a single bite. A little later it became known that the mayfly took off, that’s why there was such a fight, and as you know, when the mayfly takes off, the chances of catching a predator tend to zero.

Pond Reports: Nightfang Chase

Pond Reports: Nightfang Chase

Pond Reports: Nightfang Chase

Pond Reports: Nightfang Chase

Now it remains only to wait for at least a little summer weather, and weather forecasters in the coming weeks are not particularly encouraging, to all the NCHF !!!


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