Night fishing of white fish on the Oka

Night fishing of white fish on the OkaFishermen will remember this summer, probably, as not the most successful. The alternation of heat and heavy rain with thunderstorms did not affect the bite of the fish in the best way. This gloomy conclusion, to one degree or another, confirms the information received from my fellow enthusiasts from different parts of the Kaluga region. Of course, good fishing does happen, but they can more likely be considered exceptions. Many observant fishermen note that they are less and less justified in their hopes for morning and evening dawns. In this situation, night fishing of white fish begins to become especially popular in our places. As a result, the total fishing pressure on the river has increased significantly. Now at night there are much more anglers on the Oka than in classic fishing hours – morning and evening.

Sometimes on weekends and in good weather, even taking a suitable place, known from past fishing, is difficult. Increasingly, the riverbank at night is decorated with many neon-shimmering firefly floats moving along the river. So you have to go out on night fishing in advance to be the first to be on the intended spot, and then patiently wait for the onset of darkness. Important, and sometimes determining value when choosing a place is the speed of the current. It should not be too strong, calm and uniform. Therefore, coastal shallows with depths of up to 1.5 m are most suitable for night fishing. There are some advantages to coming to the chosen place in advance. You can capture the evening dawn, and also, more importantly, thoroughly study the features of the fishing point, depth, bottom topography and rehearse the wiring. Its precise implementation is one of the main components of the success of night fishing.

Tackle and gear

Night fishing requires a particularly serious approach to the selection and preparation of gear. However, there is no need to invent anything supernatural. Need a simple 5-6-meter Bologna fishing rod and a reliable inertia-free reel. Everyone selects the main fishing line and leash for themselves. From my own experience I will say that too coarse tackle, like too thin, is not needed. A quite acceptable option is this combination: the main fishing line is 0.18-0.20 mm, the leash is 0.10-0.12 mm. Loading – ordinary olive, corresponding to the capacity of the float. It is necessary to say a special word about the float. It is better if it will be drop-shaped and heavy enough, within 4-8 g, and with a removable antenna. When it gets dark, it is replaced by a firefly of a suitable diameter. Currently, the choice in fishing stores allows everyone to choose the float and fireflies to their taste.

As for the hooks, here, as in any fishing, you should not save. Hooks should be strong, thin and sharp. Owner's 10-14 numbers according to the international classification with the ear bent inward most of all correspond to these parameters. The sharpness and subtlety of the hook are absolutely necessary, since night fishing at this time is carried out mainly on the caddis flies, and it is known that the attachment is tender. In addition to caddis, as an exception, sometimes a worm, maggot and steamed wheat are triggered. An indispensable element of equipment for night fishing is a headlamp. Depending on the place chosen, it will most likely require swamps or waders. In most cases, it is not necessary to go far into the water, since at night the fish comes close to the shore.

Fishing technique

You need to carefully prepare for fishing. The study of the place and rehearsal of the wiring was discussed above. All equipment used during fishing – a cage, containers with a nozzle, etc. – must be at hand and conveniently located so that the implementation of all necessary actions does not take up precious time. Nibble is sometimes intense, but short-lived. Cooked leashes will help to save time ahead of time – breaks on large fish and hooks in night fishing are not uncommon. The main object of night fishing is the bream, from palmar to quite decent, 500-800 grams. Other white fish, including chub and ide, as well as perch, are also caught as by-catch. A distinctive feature of night fishing is that feeding the fishing spot is not only not necessary, but even undesirable. Fish at this time itself is actively looking for food and comes to the shore in large schools, and bait can alert or even scare it away.

The process of night fishing is a very interesting and exciting activity. A firefly slowly floating downstream in complete darkness suddenly suddenly disappears from view. Such in most cases there are night bites of husters. You can’t yawn – the hook must be instant. Quite often, a bad night bite is activated at dawn. Therefore, you should not finish fishing early. However, catching on a morning dawn is already a completely different fishing.

Night fishing is a rather complicated and time-consuming task, which requires a certain experience. But no difficulties, as you know, stop fishermen. It is in overcoming them that the improvement of fishing skills takes place.

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