Nano-jumbo rock phishing

Today I decided to get out to sea to try to catch local predatory and near-predatory fish with nano-firing. Although, of course, this can only be called nano-jigging conditionally, since I used weights of 0.6-1 grams, but it is worth noting that fishing also occurred at depths of 5-8 meters. I used the Maximus Streetracer 18XUL as a fishing rod. I chose this spinning for a reason, firstly, by nano-jigging standards, it is quite powerful and, if something happens, you can boost the fighting with it. Secondly, it was just convenient to take with you, compactness decides!

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

Today I wanted to try out some baits that have proven themselves well in freshwater conditions, and first of all, these are the LureMax stretch nano-lure baits. I started fishing with 1 gram and the stretch maggot LureMax Maggot, more precisely it was not one larva, but two. Nevertheless, maggots from this manufacturer are supplied with a tape of several pieces, and if necessary, you can cut off the right amount. The bites started right there, and soon I opened the account with a little lacquer.

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

In general, crucian carp is an interesting fish, I would never have thought that this fish can give so much “heat” on the game. Then I caught another one of the same crucian and decided to try to reduce the load to 0.6 grams, and changed the bait to the red LureMax Red Bug. The first cast into the coastal zone brought a small bull.

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

From the depths of this bait were interested in small mullet.

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

But as for me, interest in this fish bait was less pronounced than in imitation of Maggot maggot. I’m already trying one larva and continue fishing. On the edge of the breakwater I find a flock of very small caresses. Bites are greedy, very aggressive, but only a few are detected.
Further, as a bonus, a small dog comes across. If you look at the breakwater in the afternoon, you can often see whole herds of these small and ugly fish. Purposefully, it seems to me, no one catches.

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

Next, I decide to try a few maggots, and immediately put on a ribbon of 4 pieces. The bait is streychevy, so do not even worry that someone can shorten this tape. On one of the casts, the bait flies by the breakwater, where it draws it directly under it. As a result, I have to approach the very edge of the breakwater, I try to unhook the bait for a couple of minutes, and soon, finally, I feel that it is reaching for the surface, but I was not dragging it alone, the bonus was a little scorpen.

Water Reports: Nano-Jig Rockphishing

Soon, I decided to finish fishing, in addition, the sun had already risen high enough and started to bake, and people began to go to the beach, and this entailed a lot of questions from the category "What, can you catch something here?". In general, fishing was a success, nanojig works, but definitely, it’s worthwhile to deal with this matter in more detail.


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