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Sprut Black Stream Renzo 244 ML

This spring, I became the owner of a spinning line of BLACK STREAM flagship and most expensive series – RENZO. As for the price, do not be alarmed, the cost of this spinning rod is actually very budgetary up to 5 thousand rubles, it’s just the most expensive in the line of spinning rods from this manufacturer.

This rod became interesting to me initially for fishing from the shore on lakes and quarries with depths of 5-10 meters, and of course from a boat on a river with a small current in calm weather conditions when the spinning test is enough, for more difficult conditions there is a stick with the test to 35 grams of this manufacturer.

I accordingly started my first fishing just from the lakes, I used 8-12 grams at the beginning of the load, and I will say that it is already comfortable to work with 8 gram cheburashki both tactilely and visually at the tip of the spinning rod, provided that the standard bottom is of medium hardness, and not complete silt, with wicker # 06. The more I caught under different conditions, the more I loaded the spinning rod, it normally copes with weights of 8 grams and can withstand an overload of 24 grams, but it’s not such a shaky cast. The most comfortable weight is in the range of 14-18 grams and the bait is up to 10 cm, the rod is already loaded well and throws far away. When jigging, you can also post with the rod by throwing passive lures, crustaceans and mandulas when you need to play on a small area of ​​the bottom, the rod animates very well in this situation, but without overloading in this case.

Also, this spinning picked up for versatility so that it was possible to use only one rod both for jigging and by-catch, as well as twisting wobblers, poppers and sometimes deep-sea cranks. After all, I don’t really want to keep 3 rods in a boat at once under all conditions. I tried to pull 130s, but because of the length I couldn’t do it, there wasn’t a sharp game, I got a soft twitch, but wobblers with a depth of up to 1.5 meters weighing 15 grams and a length of 105 mm, which were in the arsenal, very good play, with superficial baits everything is fine.

As far as work is concerned, during fishing, it has not yet been possible to evaluate the work of spinning on trophies of 5+ kg, but it works well on pikes and pike perches weighing 1-1.5 kilograms and half kilogram perches. The spinning is not oak, any bite is clearly in the hand and at the tip is fixed, the sensations during the fight with the fish are very pleasant, sometimes it seemed that the water is very large fish and in fact everything is much more modest. This is my main tool for jigging 10-18 grams in various reservoirs.

Of course, this rod is not from an expensive segment, as for example, Japanese spinning rods of well-known brands, in which all performance characteristics are perfect, and the fittings are titanium. I’ll say this “workhorse” in its price segment, for those who have a limited budget or, in principle, the angler is not ready to pay big money, this spinning will suit many conditions. As it suits my conditions and tasks.

Amanda K. Benson

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