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Reviews: My Jig Advisor

Every year I am more scrupulous and with a greater understanding come to the choice of fishing rods for spinning fishing. As a rule, I consider fishing rods in the budget price segment in the range from four to eight thousand rubles. Top models are not yet available to me, since the family budget does not allow them to be purchased, and I see no reason to act to its detriment. I also have “sticks” of a completely budget plan, and I periodically catch them, but as a rule this is a spare rod on board the boat or the rod to which I assigned the role for fishing on spinners and wobblers, which do not need to be given jerking . They do not have the same sensitivity that many anglers crave, but you can also fish with them, both for beginners and those whose fishing trips do not exceed five times per season.

For a long time I was looking for an alternative to my Maximus Ultimatum 2.7 with a test of 7 to 35 grams, with which I spent two seasons from early spring to late autumn. After Ultimatum, I didn’t even like many rods, as they say “on the shocks”. Soon, I had the Advisor model in my hands with the same test, but at 2.4 height, with which I caught the open water season of 2018. For this period of time I have collected enough information, I want to share my observations with you.

Maximus Advisor is made of IMS graphite with a spaced handle assembled from high-quality Eva, equipped with a VSS reel seat with a rear handle. Rings on a blank with SiC inserts in a stainless steel frame, arranged according to the modern K-Guide concept. The claimed system as Extra Fast, but when compared with Ultimatum, it is more suitable for this system, while Advisor has Fast.

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

I really like to catch perch, so my acquaintance with spinning began with catching in truly secluded places this truly beautiful fish. I often used a load of lead from eight to fourteen grams, depending on the fishing conditions, I did not see any reason to use less, since there is another rod for such fishing.

All pokes, butts and samples of the bait tastefully are transmitted to the hand through a spinning rod; the bottom structure is also well read. Despite its rigidity, the rod perfectly broadcast the entire fight of the striped robber, even if there were individuals in the region of one hundred grams.

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

The next of the perch family, beloved by me, and not only by me for my powerful and clear bite, as many say, like a hammer blow – pike perch. Although, to be honest, there are days when a fanged one is naughty and refuses to peck, because we love and want, trying to deceive in every possible way.

On one, just of these fishing trips, I was quite fed up with a variety of pike bites. Unfortunately, individuals more often came across an inedible size, which after a photo shoot, if there were no visible damage, were sent to freedom.

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

It seemed that with Advisor, unlike Ultimatum, it’s more convenient to make the bait tosses with the tip of the spinning, as well as to control the tosses themselves. Most likely this is due to the length of the rods, but I have not yet found the exact answer, only assumptions. If we talk about overloading the spinning rod, and in catching pike perch I often purposefully increase the mass of lead to a maximum, then it can be noted that after 36 grams, without taking into account the weight of the bait, it is possible to catch, but gently casting, as there is a small so-called rod failure.

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

Returning to touch on the sensitivity of the blank, there was a moment when a slightly perceptible poke occurred on the ejection in the water column, which, to be honest, I mixed up with perch, and guided by experience, the pike delighted with its struggle throughout the wiring and did not give up to the boat itself .

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

In general, I like how the pike resists, and it is never completely clear what size an individual is at that end, naturally within reason. Very often, catching a toothy in the “evil” snag has to force the feeding by loading both the spinning and the reel, which both the reel and Maximus Advisor did well without a hint of failure.

Reviews: My Jig Advisor

What can be noted in the conclusion that, at a price of around four and a half thousand rubles, a very good jig spin was obtained, although I often fished on other lures, but this happened rather in breaks, so I did not focus on this. All NCHNH, Regards Sergey Egoist.


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