Multi-colored “Hari”

After draining a large fish, due to the fault of not high-quality consumables, you seriously think, but is there any point in saving on this ?! I have a dream, rather even a goal, to catch a perch with a microjig in the region of a kilogram in weight. The fish is serious, so all the rigging elements must match. This is a fluor leash, a carabiner that excludes spontaneous opening, and of course hooks to pierce the sometimes bony mouth of a predator and hold it.

At the beginning of autumn 2019, hooks for microjig fishing from TM SPRUT appeared in my bag. Earlier I was already familiar with the hooks from this company, but mostly they were doubles and offset hooks for large rubber 8-15 centimeters, this time we will talk about hooks 6 and 8 for silicone 5-6 centimeters. The HARI model is available in three colors, these are black, gold and red, sizes from 6 to 10. Of course, these hooks can be used for other purposes, such as equipping wobblers and spinners, someone even uses feeder fishing, I prepared a place for them in the microjig.

What’s the main thing about the hook? The most important thing, of course, is the sharpness and retention of sharpening for a long time, with hooks from the SPRUT company everything is fine with this, no defects even after a long fishing on a hard bottom. To be honest, I lost the bait on the hook faster than its functionality decreased. An eyelet is important in the hook, it should provide maximum freedom of movement of the bait relative to the collapsible Cheburashka, which gives the necessary, most natural play. And here HARI hooks have everything as needed, the size, in my opinion, is perfectly matched. There was a sad experience of buying hooks, in which the paper clip from the Cheburashka somehow moved – I presented it to the novice Federmen.

Sprut Hari hooks are good at pinching through the bony part of the mouth of a fanged or striped predator. There were also a couple of pikes in the catch, which I talked about earlier, although there the hook sits well in the soft part of the cavity.

As for the color of the SPRUT HARI hook, I haven’t noticed a clear advantage or some difference in the bite. I do not exclude the possibility that when a fish is passive, for example, a red hook in the body of a red “cockroach” hiding it, will provoke a bite when dragging along the bottom, or the fisherman’s faith in color combinations, by analogy with painted lead, will do its job.

Should we use multi-colored “hari” or not ?! The choice, of course, is yours, I just once again shared my experience and observations, for me the most important thing is reflected in paragraphs 3 and 4, that’s all, All NCHNKh, with respect Sergey Egoist.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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